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Singer Sil: All in my life is under construction on fidelity: to my wife and my children!

the British singer and the composer, the winner of three musical awards Grammy – Forces (Seal) –   will present the new show on June, 30th in Crocus City Hall in Moscow.

After an exit of the sixth number album « Commitment » (2010) under requests of numerous fans of Forces has gone to the big tour tour in which frameworks will act in Moscow and Petersburg.

the Singer has prepared impressing show which itself names « for faithful admirers; an audiovisual enchanting spectacle ». All concert will pass to the accompaniment of musical collective into which two guitarists - Mark Summerlin and Gus Isidore, a bass - guitarist Marcus Brown enter, drummer Steve Sidelnyk and the wind section consisting exclusively from charming and talented girls.

Creativity Force always was between genres, and the new program will not be an exception. In it the singer mixes elements soul, R ’ n ’ B, the priest - and fate - music, and also other styles and directions that allows it to open all depth of the talent and to amaze consciousness even the tempted investigators. New show completely embodies musical character of the singer – simultaneously emotional and romantic – here the mad dancing bit is quickly replaced by sincere classical ballads.

compositions have entered Into a basis of new show from a latest album of the singer « Commitment ». It is a musical masterpiece Houston, Paul McCartney, Michael Jackson and other actors has been created in a tandem with the well-known musical maestro Devidom Fosterom working with Celine Dion, Uitni. Foster worked over creation previous an album of the singer « Soul ».

Forces considers « Commitment » Top of the creativity as the result of teamwork with Fosterom has this time surpassed its best expectations. Showing all beauty of the soft baritone, caressing hearing indelible melodies and amazing consciousness with touching lyrics of a composition « Secret » « The Weight of My Mistakes » « Best of Me » and « If I ’ m Any Closer » immerse the investigator in atmosphere of love, a family cosiness and obligations.

« All in my life is under construction on fidelity: to my wife, my children, my family as a whole, and also my music, and, of course, to itself » - the singer considers. - « each song from this album has special value for me. In them I have passed all completeness of the feelings and, I hope, my music will call the response in the hearts of people! »

the concert program will include such hits Force, as « Prayer For the Dying » « Kiss From A Rose » and « Don ’ t Cry » received Grammy, and « Love ’ s Divine » which usually at concerts spectators sing from the beginning and up to the end. The concert and without dancing hits « will not manage; Killer » and « Crazy » transforming auditorium in the big dance pavilion. And, of course, never losing urgencies and favourite by public soul - ballads « A Change Is Gonna Come » and « People Get Ready ».