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Gasoline in Kaliningrad has not risen in price

the Prices for gasoline promptly grow across all Russia. Messages on faults with gasoline on refuellings come from Moscow, Kursk, Krasnodar territory . correspondents « have decided to be convinced, a leah this crisis of our region has concerned.

At the gas station « Rosneft » which we have visited the first, four kinds of fuel are on sale. AI 95 super there is 41 rouble for litre, AI 95 – 26,5 roubles, AI 92 – 23,89 roubles and diesel fuel – 23,3 roubles for litre. The operator of the gas station Victor on a question on gasoline cost says that the price has grown recently only on the Lithuanian gasoline (AI 95 super):

- the Price for it has raised on rouble, and on all the rest – did not change.

- Is not present, has not risen in price. I do not know, a leah for a long time, - informs Yury who has arrived here to fill the car.

At the gas station « Surgutneftegaz » The litre of gasoline AI 95 costs 26,8 roubles for litre, AI 92 – 23,9 roubles, and diesel fuel – in 23,5 roubles for litre.

- At us the prices did not grow. And turns are not present – all as usual, - with astonishment is told by the operator of the gas station Irina. At crisis she did not hear.

Driver Sergey Blazhkov admitted that last time the price for gasoline has grown several weeks ago:

- But all the same high! Have you ever seen anything like it, what 92 - j gasoline and diztoplivo stand equally?

At the gas station « Lukoil » the operator Margarita has confidently informed:

- the Prices did not raise, and, as far as I know, do not plan to raise.

However, for the sake of justice, it is necessary to tell that in this network of refuellings they and now high enough. Litre AI 98 here costs 28,75 roubles,   AI 95 – 26,9 roubles, AI 92 – 24,6 roubles, and diesel fuel – 25,9 roubles.