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Nizhegorodka the student 5 courses NNGU Christina Novoselova helped with Japan suffered from earthquake

More recently has learnt that in Bottom exists volonterskoe movement. It is possible to go for work to any point of the world. Also has there and then made an application.  
- is better to make an application not in one, and at once in some camps. I, for example, have submitted at once to three – took in one. The more camps you choose, the it is more probability of that you will get to number of volunteers. The demand in camp which was in Japan, I have submitted literally 10 days prior to departure. Time was oh as a little, I had to get quickly the visa in Moscow. It is good that the visa of Japan becomes only 3 - 4 days, I all was in time! By the way, employees of embassy of Japan – very benevolent people.
has reserved tickets aboard the plane. Has found quite reliable company, and tickets rather inexpensive – 27 000 roubles there and back.

Flight has occupied almost 17 hours. Flied with change though also the house-keeper - a class, but it is very comfortable – meal, cinema, music …
Lived in the centre for youth. It something like our palace of culture, children come to be engaged there in mugs. Japanese sleep on a floor, and we slept precisely also – on mats, took cover thick blankets. A blanket, bed-clothes – it is all stands out on a place. And here towels and hygiene means need to be carried with itself.

  that dwellings in Japan are literally stuffed by the most up-to-date technics – a gospel-truth. You would allocate kitchens in apartments! In a bathroom one button click it is possible to establish any water temperature and to include the fan …  

« Cut a bamboo with a huge hatchet … »

the Camp was in a city the Ode (prefecture Shimano), nearby – the sea, very beautifully. I together with other volunteers worked in park, cut thick stalks of a bamboo which hammered in all other vegetation, and put green trees on slopes of mounts.
to us   have given out thick gloves, oil-cloth trousers – in park in an operating time it was dirty. And a huge knife - a hatchet to which needed to battle to bamboo thickets. A leah it was heavy? Yes, hardly. Has cut down a bamboo – the stalk still should and be dragged and piled.
fed volunteers three times a day plus a lunch.

we prepared meal. Us have broken into steams, one steam prepares, the second – washes ware, next day we change. To everyone gave out on 3 000 yens a day on products. Products in Japan very expensive, and both fish, and meat so not so - that you will clear up on this money.    
that prepared? Rice, seafood, vegetables. It was possible to buy in shop something for itself – on own money. I adore fruit, but there bought them infrequently: both apples, and pears, and oranges – yes all fruit there is on sale not in kgs, and by the piece therefore as are very expensive. One apple, for example, costs 200 yens.

Nizhegorodka in Japan worked as the volunteer in camp.
a photo: From Christina Novoselovoj`s archive.

But have come off on a land – it is very tasty and is inexpensive.
the Day off was one – Sunday. But we worked not all day and night – after a dinner often went in schools, kindergartens and houses for veterans with programs. In a kindergarten, for example, learnt kids to make a pizza. To schoolboys told everyone about the country. Days flew by one after another, one was bad – did not get enough sleep. But I not to sleep here have arrived - we will sleep off at home.

« to kind people gave thanks cookies »

I have arrived To Japan on March, 9th in the evening. And the first push was on March, 11th. About the beginning of earthquake we have learnt on the TV – in a room the big screen constantly burnt and there were news.
the first sensation – it is shock. When you see that the city is wiped almost out, continuous fragments, people search for the family and cannot find. It is very terrible. It would not be desirable to speak, laugh loudly.
to all volunteers have there and then suggested to come back home, there is quieter.
All remained. And I too. If there is a possibility to help here and now it is necessary to make it.

in a city passed the big festival, something like fair. We have arranged sale – people who bought ware and toys, put money in a special box, it were offerings suffered from earthquake. In gratitude we gave to buyers special pechenki. Them baked, decorated nutlets. Napekli about 300 pieces, have distributed half.

I went with a box on streets, people threw coins.   small children who too wanted to help the compatriots approached to volunteers also.
I remember, one girl poured out all trifle from a purse. In Japan very expensive even for Japanese, and it is pleasant to see life that children do not spend pocket money for chocolates, and want to help. For two days we have collected an order of 120 000 yens, it is more than 60 000 roubles on our money.