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We accelerate growth of fennel and winter garlic

is fed up - Prompt, a leah it is possible to accelerate vshozhest fennel and its growth?
Darya Evgenevna, Minsk.

- It is possible. Before sowing fennel, seeds presoak in warm water and wash out them 1 - 3 days. Simply fennel contains an essence considerable quantity in seeds which complicates occurrence of shoots. After soaking change slightly dry to flowability. Then it is possible to start crops. When will sow fennel, lunki well humidify. It is possible to bring superphosphate or ammofos in rjadochki. It will provide young plants with phosphorus which is rather necessary for plants in the beginning of the life. It is possible to do such procedures with seeds of parsley, carrots, pasternaka and a celery.

why garlic turns yellow?
- One of these days has noticed that at winter garlic tips of leaves have a little turned yellow, and the plant looks as - that sickly. Prompt that it can be.

- Occurrence of yellow leaves in winter garlic can occur for various reasons: the lack of nitrogen, a moisture, does not suffice roots some oxygen. There is no saying, that particularly does not suffice. As soon as winter garlic left from - under snow, there were temperatures above 12 degrees, it is fed up nitric fertilizers. Now costs sush, winter garlic can already suffer affliction from a moisture lack then it is necessary to water it. Soil necessarily loosen, especially after waterings. This reception will provide an underground part of plants with air. Thus, waterings and loosening improve a water and air mode of soil. All it will affect positively growth and development of plants.