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Leonid Agutin: I in Russia have not received any fee for one plate

Today during German selection round Eurovisions - 2005 directly ahead of the announcement of the winner for televiewers of Germany will act Leonid Agutin and It is scarlet di Meola. It will be peak of an advertising campaign of their joint album Cosmopolitan Life which is let out on March, 7th on German label SPV (about an album read in a column on the same page). Why the disk of songs of the popular singer with participation of the great guitarist has not reached to the native land of mister Agutin, BORIS - DRUMS has asked him before flying away to Berlin.
- for the first time about record with Scarlet di Meoloj we have heard about five years ago. All this time there was a work or a disk lay on a regiment ?

- all Has begun that we with Scarlet di Meoloj acted in Moscow. It - that first in general considered the trip to Russia as an adventure, of any record did not think. I have dragged it on studio in Tver, and we have written down two things. After concerts in GTSKZ Russia in 2001 it came to Moscow some more time. We wrote long. I easy did any initial arrangements, then went to America for month, then a material otlezhivalsja, I came to Miami in half a year. So we worked.

- than you were pleasant to it?
- it was very heavy To me to achieve its trust. It is scarlet di Meola not that that in life never accepted participations in pop projects, but in general in any joint projects, except a trio with Pako de Lusiej and John Maklaflinom, participation did not accept. And I all - taki do not consider myself as the jazz musician, I am engaged the priest - in music though I use jazz receptions. Disputes was much during record, even scandals. In a song Smile for example, predicted American the priest - fatal movement, better to say, the drummer plays almost the same as in a song Persons are erased, paints are dim . It was scarlet it is amazed: In what you involve me! and so on. I have made the following course. He already plays for a long time acoustics, but glory, Grammy and mad circulations to it game on an electroguitar has brought. And I have suggested it to play this song on to an electric train . And already in half an hour, having forgotten about this priest - rokovyj drawing, it, all wet, lighted on to an electric train and around there were people and clapped to it after each double. We have dispatched 2 thousand promo - album copies, experts send it flatter responses, and it, on - to mine, is happy that has taken part in my album.

- who else registered with you?
- the Command which worked over Cosmopolitan Life absolutely corresponds to its name. Winnie Kolajuta, drummer Stinga, specially went to Miami from New York. It costs very expensively, plays perfectly, but that pikkolo That sound of a leading drum which is at Stinga, I have not received, because Winnie`s drums have left houses, I had to process ready party then. With us legendary bass player Anthony Jackson played, his name put near to a name of dead Zhako Pastoriusa. Here a firm low sound Anthony Jackson, this print when any overtone you do not hear, only you feel, I could receive. Remarkable Brazilians on bek - a vocal sang. Violins, naturally, it was necessary to write down in Moscow, more precisely, we wrote them in Tver, and violinists were from Peter. Texts were written by the poet from Odessa Alex Sino whom 20 years live in New York. It is interesting that he never sang and he did not write verses, the general manager of the central hospital in Brooklyn, thus it the music fan, at it a large quantity of music of the house. It is unique, he only has started to write texts for songs and at once has got to catalogue BMG - this company protects our interests as authors of songs! The American producer of an album Bill knows Russian history and the Russian literature precisely it is better than me, and I know not bad. At the first meeting it has subdued me a phrase Archipelago the Buzzing - a varnish . I have asked it: you know Pelevin ? - I know Pelevin? I have all Pelevin! I have told: With this person I will work . He/she is the person whom it is simple so comes to St.-Petersburg to resemble a week on a city. It has found in Germany the producer by name of Ergan, and further all has gone quickly enough. Mastering was done by Englishmen. A sound unusual for our ear. Russian ears zamyleny. Here love seredinochku love so that was ploskovato and that inserted that necessarily there was that high seredinka which on the Japanese technics well sounds. The disk sounds on the contrary - on - anglijski. I have enclosed only in a recording of the album $200 thousand To return such budget from sales of carriers in Russia it is unreal. And according to my western publishers, company SPV, in each European country will be at least on 10 thousand persons to which it is simply interesting that their favourite guitarist with it here the guy does. It will help to beat off expenses.

- as there is a destiny of a disk here?
- And here anybody from the letting out companies did not want to give any copeck. On Ergana there were representatives the Union . Knowing our situation with a piracy, he has asked a guarantee . Then Ergan has sent me the answer the Union that I have admired. There it was told: We will not pay anything because are not assured that this plate will be on sale in Russia in general, let`s work for percent, and we promise nothing that . Ergan was in shock: Leonid, you said that you in Russia the known person! in general, have put me particularly. And here it is literally some days before release in Europe the offer from ORT has arrived.

- you mean Real Records?
- Yes. And too anybody of anything will not pay, but, at least, this company has wanted to rise, make near to this music any promotion for this plate. I in Russia have not received any fee for one plate. The budget on clip shootings, on advertising received, the fee - is not present. Especially I did not expect to earn here, selling a plate in English. But I very much want, that people who respect me - I hate a word the admirer - which love ambiguous, serious popular music, at least had possibility here it to listen.