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As president Shaymiev criticised president Putin

on February, 20th, 2001 in interview to the newspaper Arguments and the facts mister Shaymiev has sharply responded about plans of the Russian management to redistribute powers in favour of the centre: Under bayonets of all not to construct in a rank .
on May, 16th, 2001, acting at the last session as the councillor of federation, mister Shaymiev regretfully confirmed: Now we have that we have, we did not manage to find the face of the upper chamber. We have suffered from - for absence of character or its lack .

on September, 11th, 2001 in interview to the Moscow journalists president Tatarii has expressed a new way of formation of Council of federation: to Use from present structure of Council of federation in interests of building of the federal state will be a little, and I am assured that the chamber as it stands will exist not for long .

on December, 5th, 2002 in interview to journalists in Kazan mister Shaymiev has commented on possible acceptance by the State Duma of amendments to the law on the status of the deputies, forbidding a preschedule response of councillors of federation: the Slightest change of the norms registered in the law in force is a scandalous legal lawlessness and is directed on restriction of the rights of subjects. In case of definitive acceptance of these amendments we will withdraw the representatives as superfluous as they will not have possibility to defend interests of republic .

on February, 17th, 2003 in interview to Interfax leader Tatarii has spoken against the law accepted by the State Duma About a state language : Necessities of adoption of law for the edition offered by deputies do not exist .

on November, 10th, 2004 Mintimer Shaymiev has commented in interview to Interfax Acceptance by the State Duma of the law on a new order of election of governors: the Duma majority in the person ` an United Russia ` should not make decisions on questions of principle without opinion of regional branches .