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To pilots have given year on installation of beacons

Yesterday Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation has informed that on March, 10th in Vienna department and steering committee on safety of flights of the European conference of civil aircraft (EKGA) have definitively issued the arrangement on an establishment of a transition period for the equipment of the Russian aircrafts automatic emergency radio beacons and notification systems about dangerous rapprochement with the earth. According to the appendix #6 to convention ICAO on the international civil aircraft, by January, 1st, 2005 to all planes, except extralight, it is recommended to have onboard one or two beacons. However it has appeared that the Russian airlines have not fulfilled the requirement - to the beginning of December of last year by beacons have been equipped less than 200 aircrafts (see from December, 15th, 2004). Then Ministry of Transport managed to agree preliminary about granting to the Russian pilots of a delay performed by specification ICAO. At a meeting in Vienna the parties have exchanged detailed lists more than 1,5 thousand The aircrafts registered in Russia and other member countries EKGA it is allowed to them to continue to make flights in the Russian and European air space till the end of 2005. By January, 1st, 2006 all of them should either to be equipped by beacons, or to stop flights.