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Aslan Maskhadov have hidden in Rostov

Business about destruction of the president of Ichkeria Aslan Maskhadov gets more and more scandalous character. Yesterday in the morning the chief of the Main thing military - medical management of Minister of Defence Igor Bykov has informed that Aslan Maskhadov`s body is in 124 - j the central laboratory of the Minister of Defence in Rostov-on-Don. However soon news agencies have sent a corpse of the president a special flight to Moscow.
the general - lieutenant Bykov has blabbed out at a briefing devoted to a condition of public health services in armed forces. One of journalists has asked it about Aslan Maskhadov, and the head of department has opened, as was then found out, military secret . Igor Bykov has informed that now the corpse of the president of Ichkeria is in 124 - j the central laboratory in Rostov-on-Don. There, having conducted necessary researches, already on 97 % have established its person. It is necessary to make last examination - genetic. Its results will be ready in two weeks. Under data, performance of general Bykova has caused an alarm in the management of the Minister of Defence which probably have considered that, having learnt about a site of a corpse, insurgents will try to attack laboratory to grasp it.

in 40 minutes after a briefing Interfax has given the information that Aslan Maskhadov`s body is forwarded to Moscow for carrying out it is judicial - medical researches. in the beginning the corpse some time was in Rostov-on-Don, and the decision on its direction for the researches connected with identification of the person, to Moscow " later was accepted; - has reported referring to anonymous sources in power structures. Similar messages have extended also other agencies. And RIA News in 124 - j laboratories in general have declared that any appointments about carrying out of examination of a body or fragments of a body of Maskhadov did not arrive Was not at them and the body. Thus sources in the State Office of Public Prosecutor have confirmed the message of general Bykova that all examinations with Aslan Maskhadov`s body are spent in Rostov.

yesterday in Rostov the representative of a regional staff on counterterrorism operation carrying out (ROSH) in the North Caucasus Ilya Shabalkin has spent a briefing, having told about some details of special action on March, 8th in Tolstoy - the Yurta. According to mister Shabalkina, special action was spent by employees of the centre of a special purpose of FSB. all has been spent in a classical variant: a minimum of a use of weapons, noise in an initial stage - representative ROSH has noted. Then it has explained that masking elements were applied by special troops for this purpose, ahead of time not to cause anxiety in the gangsters disappearing in this settlement . Answering a question why then it was not possible to take Aslan Maskhadov live, Ilya Shabalkin has informed that the input in the bunker where it was, has been disguised, and by explosion it was necessary to do a breach . In its opinion, as a result of dynamic blow from explosion there could come death of the president of Ichkeria.

- I was above this corpse, outwardly it whole, and inside, probably, all has been torn off, - mister Shabalkin has informed.

In its opinion, damage to area of an eye of Aslan Maskhadov, similar on bullet, could symitirovat the fragment which has flown away from a wall or a splinter .

Ilya Shabalkin has noticed that the special order on Aslan Maskhadov`s destruction was not. As he said, all operations are initially spent on detention. in one order does not register someone to kill - he has underlined.

, Rostov-on-Don