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Patrick Robinson: anybody from designers has not affected me in any way

the New designer of house Paco Rabanne PATRICK ROBINSON has answered questions.
- accepting a post of the designer in the house with such long and nice history, whether you consider necessary to support its legend and style?

- I consider necessary to keep his soul, but to make its conformable time and to turn into the future.

- why in that case you have put outside the brackets Paco Rabanne all heritage?
- For me the spirit of the house is important, but I consider necessary to make its modern. Paco Rabanne always did provocative and sexual clothes. And I have tried to make the same. But it was the first season without direct sendings to the sixtieth because I consider that this house is capable on bolshee, and not just of repetition of the passed.

- by preparation of this first collection you at least looked archives?
- did not look in general. My main task was to reproduce that provocative glamour for which so Paco Rabanne was famous.

- and about what, actually, this collection?
- I wanted to show the woman protected, sensual and seductive.
- and whether there is in the history of a fashion a period or the designer which have affected you to the greatest degree? Or simply favourite designers and favourite epoch?

- Anybody from designers has not affected me in any way especially. But, as well as Paco Rabanne, and it, as it is known, the architect by a trade, I always am under the influence of modern architecture. At present from architects it is Santiago Kalatrava.