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Evgenie Kiselyov has not taken out unique journalistic collective

Serious corporate scandal has burst in the publishing house the Moscow news (MN). Yesterday the general director and the editor-in-chief of the weekly journal with the same name Evgenie Kiselyov has dismissed at once several key employees MN. In the answer journalists have accused mister Kiselyov in unsuitabilities for a profession its resignation also have demanded. The owner of controlling interest Group MENATEP who posesses the publishing house, Leonid Nevzlin has directly declared that Evgenie Kiselyov`s resignation will not be, as it is allowed to nobody to interfere with its activity .
the Former TV presenter and the general director of NTV television channels and TV - 6 Evgenie Kiselyov has been appointed by the editor-in-chief the Moscow news in September, 2003 instead of Victor Loshaka who has worked in this post more of ten years. It has occurred shortly after control over the publishing house has passed to the structures close to the oil company YUKOS (more detailed information was not disclosed).

Relations of employees of the newspaper and the new editor-in-chief, according to journalists, from the very beginning have not developed. the conflict has begun that Evgenie Kiselyov has closed magazine let out by the publishing house ` PTA meeting `, - Lyudmila Telen has told the executive editor of a weekly journal. - Then he in a pointed manner boycotted the special issue of a weekly journal devoted to act of terrorism in Beslan, having told that now it is necessary to sit silently . its decisions went by the way of infringement of journalists - madam Telen is assured.

In the beginning of March, 2005 mister Kiselyov, having kept a post of the editor-in-chief, has been appointed also by the general director of the publishing house the Moscow news (Which together with MN also includes newspaper Moscow News), having replaced Cyril Legata, and has received complete control over the edition. Already yesterday it has made the first scandalous personnel decision, having dismissed at once several leading experts MN, in particular, the assistant to editor-in-chief Michael Shevelev and the executive editor Lyudmila Telen. In the answer the group of leading journalists of the edition has sent to the address of mister Kiselyov the angry letter of which has accused him in unsuitabilities for a profession as editor-in-chief of the newspaper also has demanded resignation. you have legalised practice of the publication of advertising and political materials under the pretext of the editorial. It is mark discredit, inadmissible for the journalist, - it is told, in particular, in the letter. - you refused and refuse joint discussion of a political line of the newspaper. It is civil and professional cowardice . Under the reference text there are signatures of nine employees MN, including observers and editors of key departments.

I dismissed nobody, is simple at all employees of edition contracts have ended, with some employees I have not prolonged contracts, - Evgenie Kiselyov has explained. Is a decision was for me very painful because these people many years have worked in edition and have much made for the newspaper. But even the most skilled professionals have a certain ceiling of possibilities, and at a part of employees this ceiling has been settled, - mister Kiselyov is convinced. - I consider that in the newspaper fresh blood " should be poured in;. On the request to specify, who becomes fresh blood the editor-in-chief has declared that it a theme for separate discussion . It is a pity that employees of edition fall before such foolish, petty and not representing the facts charges - mister Kiselyov has summed up. The former general director ID Cyril Legat has supported the successor and has declared that the dismissed employees have simply arranged squabble in collective . Anything other as the Soviet slander, I name it I can not - he has stated the relation to the conflict.

copies of the scandalous letter have been directed the director of programs of fund Open Russia to Irina Jasinoj and vice-president NK YUKOS to the Novel to Artemyev. As one of authors of the reference, Lyudmila Telen, " has explained; Irina Yasin stood at the sources, and the Novel Artemyev supervises this project . Earlier in a press assumptions, what exactly fund " sounded; Open Russia created by YUKOS, owns the Moscow news . We are not financed from one source, we only colleagues and are connected more likely mentally - Yasin`s madam has denied this information the director of programs of fund. But I have advised Kiselyov on this post, and now that I have brought the chief - Michael Borisovicha Khodorkovsky is inexpressibly a shame to me, - Yasin`s madam admitted. - he asked to find the person who will adjust work in edition, and asked not to arrange personal quarrels. And the public quarrel which there has begun Kiselyov, is awful . A press - the secretary of YUKOS Alexander Shadrin has directly declared that the Moscow news supervises Group MENATEP: Having received such letter, we will send it to the address .

the Proprietor has not the right to interfere with operative activity of the enterprise belonging to it, for this purpose there are meetings of council of shareholders or directors, - the owner of controlling interest Group MENATEP Leonid Nevzlin who is in Israel has declared. - all operative rights on management ID are transferred mister Kiselyov, and all completeness of responsibility for personnel and business - decisions is born by it. It will be allowed to nobody to interfere with its activity . that the made personnel decisions have turned to the public conflict, does not paint journalistic collective, - Leonid Nevzlin has expressed the relation to events. - I hope that they will find decisions without the reference to the public, various addressees, and according to norms of morals and the law .