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Dmitry Ayatskov`s international activity

In October, 1998 in Moscow at Dmitry Ayatskov`s meeting with ambassadors of some the countries has been reached the arrangement on carrying out in Saratov meetings of regional leaders of the leading countries of the world under the name G8 - the regional formula . The summit planned for 1999 has not taken place.
in April, 1999, at the height of bombardments of Yugoslavia, Dmitry Ayatskov has declared readiness to place in the Saratov region of 50 thousand refugees and to send to Macedonia humanitarian cargo. The initiative has not received any development.

in September, 1999 the area delegation led by Dmitry Ayatskov has visited Poland where has met representatives of parliament and the government. On the basis of the reached arrangements in 2003 in Saratov has been opened the Polish house for development of contacts of businessmen of two countries.

In November, 1999 of mass-media have informed that Dmitry Ayatskov has sent officials of the administration in the USA to adopt experience of struggle against prostitution (in a number of states, for example, the police removes on video of number of cars in which prostitutes sit down, and then shows them on local TV). On introduction of similar methods in Saratov it was not informed.

in the beginning of August, 2000 Dmitry Ayatskov has addressed to the president of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko with the request to direct to region the technics and people for the help in harvesting. In some weeks to area have arrived an echelon with 60 combines and working brigades from Belarus.

in June, 2002 mister Ayatskov was a part of delegation on the congress of the local and regional authorities of the Council of Europe in Strasbourg. There the Saratov leader has been selected by a member at once two commissions of the congress - on culture and formation and on regional cooperation.

In August, 2002 Dmitry Ayatskov has visited China where lobbied import saratovskoogo grains and creation in territory of the area of new joint ventures. In October Saratov was visited by delegation of the Peoples Republic of China led by ambassador Chzhanom Deguanom.

In November, 2002 in Polish Lodze the area delegation has signed the report on the intentions, providing reception of investments from Poland. The total cost of projects was estimated in the sum more than $50 million

In the end of March, 2003 Dmitry Ayatskov has opened in Uzbekistan Days of the Saratov region.

on May, 31st, 2004 in Saratov the consulate of Germany - after the scandal connected with accelerated registration of visas by employees of consulate for bribes has been closed.