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“ They wait, while vitse - admiral Chernov will give the ends “

Yesterday the group of veterans - submariners has addressed in the Supreme court of the Russian Federation with the petition for carrying over from Moscow to St.-Petersburg of litigation eks - commander Cεβεπνϋμ of fleet (Council of Federation) of admiral Oleg Yerofeev against vitse - admiral Evgenie Chernova. Mister Yerofeev demands to recognise as slanderous the book of mister Chernova “ Secrets of underwater accidents “ where that has presented its guilty of  destruction of two submarines, one of which - To - 278 “ the Member of the Komsomol “. 57 admirals who have signed the petition and officers have declared that are ready to support the respondent in court, but many cannot arrive to Moscow on a state of health. In 2002 publishing house “ Neva “ has published the book eks - the commander 1 - j a flotilla of nuclear submarines (nuclear-powered submarine) CΤ of Evgenie Chernova. Assorting nuclear-powered submarine causes of death To - 249 in Pacific ocean in 1983 and To - 248 “ the Member of the Komsomol “ In Norwegian sea in 1989, the author comes to a conclusion that the reason of both accidents of a steel of an error at acquisition plavsostava, admitted because of Oleg Yerofeev. From the book follows that that, being in the first case the chief of a staff 2 - j flotillas of a nuclear-powered submarine of Pacific fleet, and in the second - the chief of a staff 1 - j flotillas of a nuclear-powered submarine of Council of Federation, both times sent in campaigns the crews of seamen not prepared by rules.
in April, 2003 mister Yerofeev, nowadays the head of department of management of state property of the government of Moscow, has addressed in the Moscow city court with the requirement to recognise these statements not representing the facts and discrediting honour and advantage (in 2001 he has won similar process at “ the Russian newspaper “) . Besides, mister Yerofeev demands from publishing houses “ Neva “ and “ OLMA - a press formation “ (performing typographical works) to destroy non-realised copies of the book and to pay indemnification in size one million roubles. Still the claimant intends to collect a half-million from the author. 75 - summer vitse - admiral Chernov, however, refuses to come on judicial sessions to Moscow because of bad health. He considers that the court should pass in Petersburg, in the place of residence of the claimant and publishing house registration “ Neva “. According to mister Chernova, publishing house “ OLMA - a press “ it has been brought to court only to appoint court in capital where it obviously cannot be. “ they wait, while Chernov will give the ends “ - has declared vitse - an admiral.
now on the party of the respondent its colleagues have decided to rise. 57 veterans - the higher officers of fleet (all subscribed - commanders of submarines, among them two vitse - an admiral, ten kontr - the admirals, three Heroes of Soviet Union, two Heroes of Russia) last week have directed to the chairman of presidium of the Supreme court of the Russian Federation Vyacheslav Lebedev the petition with the request to transfer process to Petersburg. “ business specially aspire to consider in Moscow to deprive of possibility to act in court of admirals and the officers living in Petersburg which could confirm correctness of judgements of Chernova, however on a state of health cannot arrive to Moscow “ - it is told in circulation.
the next session of court is appointed to March, 16th, but Evgenie Chernov does not intend to be present on it. “ I will not arrive to Moscow never “ - he has declared, having noticed that “ it is ready to be protected in Petersburg “.