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School for Transneft

Yesterday in Kalininsky federal court the second session under the claim of parents of pupils of school #142, disbanded in the end of 2004 should take place, - in a building plans to arrange the office the company Transneft . Parents have opposed this initiative: they want, that at school their children studied. Session have postponed for month, in this time city court should consider the complaint of one of the claimants, demanding to allocate protection to an empty building. As already wrote, before New Year`s vacation to parents of pupils declared that since January the school #142 is excluded by the decision of committee of city administration by training from a network of educational institutions by its joining to school #531, located on Antonovsky street. It was found out that 531 - I the school is on decent distance from a residence of some children in this connection 13 parents have addressed in court with the requirement to cancel the order of committee by training. They also have expressed the disagreement with the technical expert appraisal spent in September according to which a school building recognised as emergency.
at the first session on February, 11th the court has made the decision on attraction as interested party of administration of Kalininsky area. Yesterday its representatives were, however session has not taken place. The matter is that at the first session claimants have addressed to court with the request to take out definition concerning allocation of protection to a building of school, which now, as they said, costs empty with the beaten out glasses . The request has been rejected, and one of claimants has appealed against against this decision in city court. Complaint consideration is appointed to March, 16th. Before removal of the decision by city court claim consideration in Kalininsky court will not be continued - session is transferred for April, 16th.
will watch succession of events.