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Boris Mihajlov has said goodbye to journalists

On Thursday evening on a platform of the Ice palace sankt - Petersburg SKA has beaten in last house match of the championship of Russia Kazan Ak the Leopard - 5:4. This victory, however, will not help soldiers to rise above the twelfth place in standings and, accordingly, to apply for the post in plej - off. Boris Mihajlova`s wards have overcome millionaires from Kazan (so name Ak the Leopard more than half consisting of NHL stars) the second time for a season. Were on account SKA and other feats (victories over Moscow the Dynamo Tolyatti Ladoj Yaroslavl the Locomotive ) But as a whole to please fans to a command it was not possible: to make the way in the eight of the strongest it has lost chances long before finish of the regular championship, having confirmed reputation of the eternal loser.
Boris Mihajlov supervised SKA in total 13 seasons, since 1981. In this time the command only four times played plej - off. But it happened those years when in plej - off 16 clubs participated. In other seasons soldiers finished among outsiders. Results of work of Mihajlova in three last seasons are especially indicative: 13 - e, 14 - e and 12 - e places. During former times the invitation of this expert justified that its talent anyway will suffice on keeping SKA in a class of the strongest. And it is valid, in 1999 Boris Mihajlov has successfully acted with soldiers in transitive tournament in which they have pleased following the results of the regular championship. However on the eve of the past season a superleague have closed : The decision was accepted that within the next three years it will be not not left by any club. In Petersburg believed that heads SKA will make so that the command struggled for high places, or will start to create collective on prospect as the talented youth in a city is to what the victory of a national team of Petersburg on the last " testifies; the Big prize (tournament of the second national teams). However SKA remained it is true to itself, having concluded contracts with veterans and having failed in the championship. With some players the head coach by tradition did not have a relation: for example, captain Valery Zelepukin on season finish has ceased to leave on a platform from - for financial disagreements with management SKA.
In the middle of a season when SKA has suffered the next series of defeats, the decision to stop command financing declared Open Society board of directors Lenenergo . Now 60 % of budget SKA are provided with its general partner - mineralno - the chemical company evrohim . Yesterday this information has confirmed the chief of department on public relations evrohima Maria Sapuntsova. However to make comments on prospects of cooperation of the company with SKA it has refused. Meanwhile, under the information, heads evrohima during this season undertook some attempts to find replacement Boris Mihajlovu - among candidates on post of head coach SKA appeared the former instructor of Russian national team Vladimir Pljushchev and eks - the trainer of Sweden national team Hard Nilsson coming to Petersburg on the Cup of the European champions.
to terminate before term the contract with head coach SKA, probably, has prevented the point, obliging to pay to it in this case the penalty. The agreement with club at Mihajlova expires upon termination of a season which SKA finishes a match from CSKA on March, 15th. President SKA Boris Vinokurov has already declared that all decisions on personnel questions will be accepted after this game. Boris Mihajlov on a press - conferences after a match with Ak the Leopard to answer a question, whether he intends to prolong the contract with SKA, has refused. However has said goodbye to journalists words: Till a following season!