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an United Russia has turned

In the Amur region there were on sale eggs with appeals to vote for candidates regional and a municipal duma which elections will take place on March, 27th. Egg propaganda have thought up head Amurptitseproma Konstantin Vlasenko and the director of the Belogorsky integrated poultry farm Sergey Borisov. Though their eggs cost cheaper, than at other manufacturers, in electoral committee such propaganda have counted quite admissible. However the competitor of mister Vlasenko on elections Vasily Judenko demands through court to recognise as its illegal. Propaganda eggs have appeared on sale in the beginning of this week. One of authors of idea, a member an United Russia Sergey Borisov, stands for a municipal duma. Eggs of its integrated poultry farm are decorated by a red inscription For Borisov . Production disperses in the regional centre where the district on which it was put forward is located. Thus the ten eggs costs 22 roubles - on 5 - 7 roubles more cheaply eggs of other manufacturers. In sale places the leaflets agitating for the mister of Borisov also extend. According to its assistant and spouse Elena Borisovoj, buyers to egg agitproduktsii concern normally .
As have informed in electoral committee of Blagoveshchensk, such propaganda corresponds to the legislation as Sergey Borisov has registered it. The price of its eggs not below cost: otherwise the candidate could make answerable for payoff of voters. However, the electoral committee has got to an inconvenient situation, without having managed to qualify the given kind of political advertising. According to the vice-president of municipal electoral committee Alexey Kochana if to consider agitmaterial as printing on it it is necessary to specify the target data. it as inscriptions on walls - to what kind them to carry? - the mister has noticed the Head of cabbage. Besides under the law all selective documents should be stored in the commission within a year. obviously, in this case we should reduce term, - he has declared. - for now the whole cell lies at us in a chill .
Sergey Borisova`s Competitors have subjected this action to the criticism. So, the secretary of a city town committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Andrey Dugin has regarded advertising on eggs as unworthy . We consider that these misters have nothing to tell to people, they try to distract from problems which their party has brought to the people. Probably, they have to put money - mister Dugin believes.
the chairman of the commission gordumy under the budget Evgenie Zaharov has reacted to news emotionally: the Good fellow the person! If the paint does not harm to the population and at SES there are no claims why would be not present? It is clear that all eggs will be in fried eggs . And having learnt about reduced price agitmaterialov mister Zaharov has added: Especially, a flag it in hands! However, it is a pity that money leaves selective fund of the candidate in anywhere, is better them would direct on good deeds, but anyway it is better, than on walls to draw .
Elena Borisova has told that the idea to place political advertising on eggs belongs to Konstantin Vlasenko, the general director of Open Company SPK Amurptitseprom in which the Belogorsky integrated poultry farm enters. Mister Vlasenko stands for a regional council and too uses factory production in agittseljah. However, its contenders have already brought an action, having declared that the given propaganda is inadmissible. Konstantin Vlasenko`s competitor on two-mandatory election district 6 Vasily Judenko considers that selective fund of head Amurptitseproma it is created with infringements, and last uses office position. Mister Judenko considers that the head of Open Company does not pay an expense for inscription manufacturing For Vlasenko Payment of the workers occupied with advertising and equipment amortisation.
court session under the complaint of candidate Judenko yesterday should begin, but it has not taken place. In the power of attorney of the lawyer of the district commission of Anatoly Turinsky there was a typing error, representatives of electoral committee were mistaken with periods of validity of the power of attorney. And though the parties had no objection to consider case without participation of the mister Turin, the public prosecutor has considered that in process necessarily there will be questions to the electoral committee which representative officially is not authorised to represent it . The court has agreed with opinion of the public prosecutor and has postponed session for March, 14th.
in the meantime the parties have passed to discussion in a court corridor. he has specified that has spent 2,7 thousand rbl., - mister Judenko was indignant at doors of a boardroom. - Yes it is impossible to spend for such money equipment readjustment . The lawyer representing interests of the general director Amurptitseproma Assured the applicant that all is executed without law infringements . All accounting at us is, and we will give it to court together with product samples - Konstantin Vlasenko has assured later .
PAVEL KOSHELENKO, Blagoveshchensk