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Democratic forces have united on Kolyma

Yesterday representatives of the Magadan branches of the Union of the right forces, the Apple and Democratic party of Russia have transferred in regional election committee the agreement on creation of the selective block Our Native land - Kolyma which you - will set the candidates on elections to a regional legislative thought. The union of democratic forces of area intends to make a competition an United Russia . However, local political analysts believe that new association will not manage to bypass on elections ER and LDPR. Elections in a thought of the Magadan area of the fourth convocation are appointed to May, 22nd, 2005. They will pass on the mixed system: from 25 deputy mandates 12 will get odnomandatnikam and 13 - to local Party members. Yesterday representatives of three regional branches of Union of Right Forces, the Apple and Dempartii of Russia have submitted the agreement on creation of the selective block to regional election committee Our Native land - Kolyma . As Larissa Batsaeva after all documents will be checked up has explained the secretary of the commission, the electoral committee will make the decision on block registration. Reports party sessions of each of three parties where the decision on an alliance was made, in particular, are subject to check.
the head of the Magadan Union of Right Forces Alexander Sechkin who is one of initiators of creation of the block and the deputy of the Magadan thought of the third convocation has declared that Our Native land - Kolyma it is necessary to resist power monopolisations in area an United Russia . According to mister Sechkina, general meeting of three parties on which surnames of candidates from the block will be discussed today will take place. the list will include also independent candidates. We will prove that the human potential of area is not settled by list ER. Our block will offer new vision of development of the Magadan area - Alexander Sechkin has told.
Now we together resist to attempts to debar the population in management of area and in control over an expenditure of budget money - the leader of the Magadan branch of Democratic party Igor Vedernikov has told and has added that block occurrence quite naturally. The head of branch of the Apple Pavel Zhukov so has explained desire to enter into the union: Together we can make much more, than one by one. We do not depend on the power, we have before it no obligations to operate correctly . In power already there is a party, the party should be and at our citizens .
next week some parties of area will spend conferences on which will discuss the candidates on uniform district. As the leader local zhirinovtsev and zammera Magadan Yury Grishan has informed , the list from branch headed by it will include 13 persons, the LDPR will put forward the candidates and on one-mandatory districts. It has expressed hope that its party Will win a confident victory having reminded success the liberal - democrats on elections in the State Duma in December, 2003. Then LDPR has shown the second result after ER. The secretary of political council of regional branch an United Russia Vladimir Vasilchuk counts on success repetition: We should struggle both from Union of Right Forces, and from LDPR, both with communists, and with pensioners (Party of pensioners - ). But we always and everywhere won and we will win .
the Editor-in-chief of the newspaper the Magadan truth Antonina Lukina is assured that candidates from ER will make a serious competition to other Party members. As she said, the party in power has already spent a number of actions which it is possible to regard precisely the first pre-election steps. For example, United Russia party members have already drawn to themselves attention, having extended in the Magadan mass-media the reference to all participants of future elections in which have asked the opponents Not to use a Victory Day as an occasion to attraction of attention of veterans .
As the president of the Magadan organisation " considers; Association of sociologists Oleg Dudnik, chances at united demsil to win a victory on forthcoming elections in a local thought are insignificant: it seems To me it is improbable because any of these parties does not enjoy authority at magadantsev . We conducted sociological research in area which has shown that from us on - former in the lead positions are occupied with party an United Russia and after them there is a local branch of LDPR - mister Dudnik has informed.