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The public prosecutor of Bashkiria have found in St.-Petersburg

On Thursday state meeting of Bashkiria has confirmed the new head of republican Office of Public Prosecutor. As well as assumed, not Michael Zelepukin, exactly year fulfilling duties of the public prosecutor, and the former first deputy of the public prosecutor of St.-Petersburg 36 - summer Alexander Konovalov became them. The post of the republican public prosecutor was free since at the height of election campaign on presidential elections of Bashkiria the former head of department of Florida Baykov and its first deputy Vladimir Korostylev have retired. Under the informal data, it blamed involving of bodies of Office of Public Prosecutor in political processes. The state meeting of Bashkiria has refused to confirm three candidates offered by the State Office of Public Prosecutor, and as a result exactly year headed republican Office of Public Prosecutor in a rank and. An island Michael Zelepukin translated to Bashkiria from the Saratov region.
on Thursday the republic has received the present The public prosecutor - the senior adviser of justice Alexander Konovalov, which, under the statement of the State Office of Public Prosecutor, " became them; has passed a way from the assistant to the regional public prosecutor to the first deputy of the public prosecutor of a city . Were and. The island Michael Zelepukin became its assistant.
in gorprokuraturu Petersburg Alexander Konovalov has come in 2003 together with the new public prosecutor of a city of that time Nikolay Vinnichenko (now it the director of Federal Agency of court enforcement officers of Russia) with which they together some years worked in Office of Public Prosecutor of the Moscow area of Petersburg. Mister Konovalov supervised at first the general questions, and then a public prosecutor`s consequence.
in November of last year it became the first deputy of the public prosecutor of Petersburg, authorising investigatory actions on loud criminal cases and acting with statements on behalf of Office of Public Prosecutor. So, for example, in the end of December of last year mister Konovalov has put on the wanted list the governor of Nenets autonomous region Vladimir Butova who was accused of beating of the employee of traffic police (repeatedly wrote about this business). And Alexander Konovalov on February, 3rd this year has stopped in the absence of crime structure criminal prosecution of the president of corporation Euroservice (one of the main manufacturers sveklovichnogo sugar in the Russian Federation and the supplier of the American chicken meat largest in the country) Konstantin Mirilashvili. It, we will remind, was in the international search on charge in the organisation of abduction and murder of two prospective thieves of his father - Badri Dvali and Koby Kakushadze. In August, 2003 Konstantin Mirilashvili`s big brother, the vice-president of the Russian branch of the World Jewish congress Michael Mirilashvili has been condemned for the same crime for eight years. (It is curious that, according to an official site of corporation Euroservice just on territories of Bashkiria, whose Office of Public Prosecutor mister Konovalov yesterday has headed, two sugar factories of corporation " are located; Euroservice - Raevsky and Karlamansky.)
Anyhow, the Petersburg colleagues Alexander Konovalova respond about it as about one of the most decent and made heads of Office of Public Prosecutor, with which leaving in Petersburg there will be simply nobody to work . The matter is that after appointment as the public prosecutor of a city eks - the public prosecutor of Chuvashiya Sergey Zajtseva two assistants to the public prosecutor of a city have already left the Petersburg Office of Public Prosecutor and mister Zajtseva still had only one assistant.