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Guilty of an air crash cannot involve

Transport Office of Public Prosecutor of the Kamchatka area has finished investigation of an air crash of helicopter Mi - 8, flown on a volcano Burnt in November, 2004. Then five persons were lost. As transport public prosecutor Michael Simahin has declared yesterday, in an event the commander of crew who has not made in time decisions on landing of a board from - for worsened weathers is guilty. We will remind, on November, 27th, 2004 helicopter Mi - 8 the Kamchatka airlines has taken off from airport Elizovo for area Asachi (100 km from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskij) to take away the patient with suspicion on a heart attack. Car the commander of crew Sergey Borovkov, pilot Oleg Prokudin and flight mechanic Vladimir Korostylev operated. They carried two employees of the Center of medicine of accidents - the doctor - reanimatologa Gleb Ustinova and the medical assistant Svetlana Andreevu. However, when Mi - 8 has arrived in Asachi, the patient have already sent in hospital on the caterpillar cross-country vehicle.
At this time on Kamchatka the snow cyclone accompanied by a gale which impulses reached 35 m a second has begun. The helicopter has taken off back in Elizovo, but soon was gone from a radar. For the fifth days of search works helicopter fragments have been found out on jugo - volcano West side Burnt. All flying to Mi - 8 were lost. In transport Office of Public Prosecutor of area have filed criminal charges under article about infringement of safety rules of the flights, led to death of people (item 263, ch. 3 criminal codes of Russian Federation).
Yesterday transport public prosecutor Michael Simahin has declared that aviaincident investigation is finished. The conclusion of Interstate aviation committee has been during the investigation received and analysed, are spent letno - technical, fiziko - chemical and is judicial - medical examinations. On the basis of the collected proofs the consequence has come to a conclusion about guilt in incident of the commander of the aircraft which operating helicopter and has admitted infringement of safety rules of flights - mister Simahin has told. Inspectors have come to a conclusion that weather conditions did not allow to continue flight. has not been sustained without -
dangerous height of the aircraft: at demanded 300 metres the helicopter was at height less than 50 m. Late the decision on return from - for meteoconditions in departure area, or landing to the nearest airfield was accepted.
having admitted these infringements, the commander and crew have lost in the conditions of low visibility spatial orientation owing to what the helicopter the right board has faced a volcano slope Burnt - the public prosecutor has told. The consequence has not found acknowledgement of the version on malfunction of the aircraft, also is not revealed infringements in actions of the dispatcher of airline.
The commander has committed a crime. But to involve it in a criminal liability it is impossible in view of his death - Michael Simahin ascertained.
Oksana GUSEV,
the correspondent of RIA News Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskij, specially for