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Oil will carry through Sunfejhe next week in Alma - Aty (Kazakhstan) will pass the international meeting of railwaymen on which representatives of the railways and the foreign trade organisations of Vietnam, Kazakhstan, China, Democratic People`s Republic of Korea, Mongolia and Russia will discuss results and prospects of international transportation of passengers and cargoes. As the head of delegation of the Far East railway (DVZHD), the chief of service of the international messages of a highway Igor Melnikov, among summons questions - forthcoming transportation of oil to China on BAMu through frontier transition of Grodekovo - Sunfejhe in Primorski Krai yesterday has informed. G - n Millers has underlined that for 2004 DVZHD has transported through boundary transition of Grodekovo of 6,2 million t cargoes, and in present it is supposed to increase volume of a turnover of goods with China to 7 million t. For first two months of this year the stream of export cargoes has increased by 8,4 %, and import has increased in 2,6 times. Now Far East railwaymen prepare for a forthcoming stream dlinnosostavnyh heavy echelons with bulk-oil cargoes for what reconstruct bridge transition through the Cupid at Khabarovsk, stations on BAMe and modernise a transport infrastructure on a site Ussuriisk-Grodekovo.