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Deputies of Penza have not understood the president

Yesterday at session Penza gordumy by a majority of votes deputies have approved amendments to the Charter the cities providing refusal of national elections of the mayor. On a plan of authors of amendments, deputies Svetlana Pinishinoj and Alexey Shuvarina, the chief executive of Penza should be appointed under the contract. Changes can be brought in the Charter after they will pass legal examination in the Ministry of Justice and regional Office of Public Prosecutor. Actually executive power crisis in Penza has begun in March of last year when validity was entered by new edition of the Law About the general principles of local government in Russia . Now in an operating variant of the Charter of Penza it is written down that over a city supervises the head of administration, the elective official whereas the Federal law of such formulation does not provide. To eliminate discrepancies deputies gordumy the third convocation should still, but they and could not come to a conclusion, how the head of Penza should appear on this post - by national elections or by its appointment. The way at which the mayor choose from number of deputies gordumy was considered also. Any of these variants and has not received two thirds of voices of the local members of parliament necessary for their statement under regulations. Thus, on this question the parliament of the fourth convocation should accept the decision. Its election has taken place on December, 26th last year.
in the meantime, in January of this year the regional Office of Public Prosecutor has been compelled to address in Lenin regional court with the claim about compulsory reduction of the Charter of a city in conformity with the law. Business hearing have postponed, as the district court needed consultation of the Constitutional court of Russia. However now, as consider in regional Office of Public Prosecutor, explanations KS any more will not be necessary. On February, 16th session of the constant commission gordumy on local government on which amendments to the Charter, offered by deputies Svetlana Pinishinoj and Alexey Shuvarinym have been approved has taken place. According to members of parliament, the mayor who simultaneously is the chairman gordumy should be the higher official of Penza. He, in turn, concludes the contract with the head of administration of Penza which nominee preliminary affirms gordumoj. By a majority of votes committee-men on local government have voted approving Svetlana Pinishinoj`s amendments and Alexey Shuvarina.
Yesterday changes in the Charter of Penza were discussed at municipal duma session on which deputies have approved their overwhelming majority of votes. As has informed a press - the secretary gordumy Tatyana Rezepova, now the changed Charter will be sent for legal examination in judicial authorities and regional Office of Public Prosecutor. If results of research show that the corrected edition of the Charter does not contradict the federal legislation, deputies gordumy it is necessary to confirm only it at regular session. At once after that the chairman of a thought Ivan Belozertsev automatically becomes the mayor and can conclude the contract with the applicant for a post of the head of the city administration, which nominee will preliminary approve gorduma. It is quite probable that the first mayor of Penza appointed under the contract can become present and. An island of the head of city administration Alexander Pashkov.
addressing to sessions gordumy, mister Pashkov has declared that it it is satisfied by the decision of deputies and it is glad that in Penza at last - that have started to overcome the political crisis connected with necessity of modification of the Charter of a city . Press - the secretary of the governor Anton Sharons, answering a question on the relation of the regional government to the decision of deputies, has told that Penza as the independent municipal union, has the right to establish independently the authorised principles on which the city should live.
supporters of national elections of the mayor with the decision Penza gordumy categorically do not agree. So, the former deputy of a municipal duma and Legislative Assembly simultaneously Anatoly Ruseev who now through court tries to restore the deputy status, considers that change of system of election of the mayor will reject a city during an epoch of totalitarianism and Penza will appear again in stagnation. president Putin has accurately designated the position about it, having declared that mayors of cities should be chosen, instead of to appoint - mister Ruseev has declared. The operating deputy gordumy and legal expert Valery Bychkov also opposing appointments of the mayor under the contract, has informed that intends to challenge the decision gordumy in the Supreme court of the Russian Federation.