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Briefing in the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of Moscow

the Municipal militia has proved that is necessary to a city

Yesterday at a briefing in the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of Moscow a management of capital municipal militia has told to journalists about done for one and a half year of its existence to work. In municipal militia now serves 1,5 thousand employees. Following the results of their watches for 8 months 655 criminal cases are raised. The salary of the worker of municipal militia on 40 % exceeds usual militian but if it gets out of the shape and will not execute the put specifications - the heads will ruthlessly remove extra charges.

According to the head of department of municipal militia of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of Moscow Victor Volohova, its subordinates for an operating time could show to criminals that are real force, and till the end of this year number of capital municipal militia will be increased by 500 employees and will make 2 thousand persons. It will allow to take over the control nearby 200 most kriminogennyh points in a city. However, Volohov has continued, for one and a half year of work Management nevertheless had to get rid of several persons who have made serious office offences.
daily on the Moscow streets leaves 70 - 80 cars of management, the crew of everyone consists of 3 employees (2 officers and the driver) which on the site work both for GAI, and for patrol, and for protection: we Prevent all incidents which we will notice . For 8 months of 71 times the weapon was used - three criminals have been killed, losses from guards are not present. The municipal militia steadfastly cares not only of cleanliness of the numbers, but also about health of each employee. Volohov has reminded that in each division the regular psychologist who helps militiamen to remove stress after difficult watches works. He also has declared that except the decision of current problems, workers of management had to defend and the independence: the territorial Departments of Internal Affairs tried to subordinate municipal divisions to themselves, but those could prove that they will independently work better. At municipal militia all the - the problems, the budget, the form.
under Victor Volohova`s statement, shortly in the Moscow municipal militia there will be also female crews, their preparation has already begun. And till the end of the year at management the company of fast reaction will be created also. As Volohov has told, it will be OMON, but only cleverer .