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! Importers of sugar struggle for market Rossi

Foreign suppliers of sugar divide influence spheres

Actual liquidation of system of the centralised purchases of sugar abroad has put traditional suppliers of these goods to Russia in new position. If before influence sphere between Cargill, Sucden Kerry, ED &F Man Group and Marc Rich have been accurately enough differentiated, today these firms should form anew practically a circle of the clients, which possibilities, besides, much more low, than at the state foreign trade associations. It is natural that by search of clients interests of foreign suppliers are sometimes crossed.
yesterday federal Committee on socially - to economic development of the North the first party of the sugar delivered by American company Cargill within the limits of the contract on 12,5 thousand t should be received. It is supposed that Goskomsever will sign in the near future with Cargill some more large sugar contracts. And from a number of sources it became known that the French company Sucden Kerry applied for this order also.

After in March the Russian government has made decision to cancel dotatsionnyj factor 0,6 for deliveries of import sugar - a raw, the French company Sucden has appeared in extreme a difficult situation. The grant of spring deliveries prodintorgu in 113,8 thousand volume t Sucden it was necessary to punch through the governmental commission under the direction of Oleg Soskovets. The government has made concessions, however to expect that further the business climate in Russia will be so favorable, Sucden it is not necessary. It is especially obvious that the French sugar concern delivered to Soviet Union, and then and to Russia to 800 thousand t sugar - a raw in a year.
the Second place after Sucden on volume of operations in Russia (roughly 150 - 170 thousand t in a year) is occupied with company Marc Rich. Volumes of deliveries of sugar company Cargill not so masshtabny. According to some information, Cargill delivered to Russia of an order 80 - 100 thousand t white sugar in a year.
it is impossible to tell that the Moscow representatives Sucden did not prepare for hard times. In February on a seminar devoted to development of the market of sugar in Russia, the company it was possible to collect directors of almost all sugar factories and many heavy users. Support of own image in the opinion of the largest buyers, of course, made sense. However if in the conditions of the stable market reliability factor often stars (especially in the conditions of the Russian market abounding with speculators) at a present excessive demand for sugar the success in competitive struggle against other suppliers of sugar is defined only by the price.
Cargill will put on the 12,5 thousand North t sugar at the price of $323 for ton on conditions ex - the car on border of Latvia and Russia. Besides, the American company undertakes to provide and delivery of sugar to the end user. Sucden has offered Goskomseveru sugar at the price of $335 for ton by delivery in the European part of Russia. According to representatives of committee, taking into account all transport costs cost of ton of the sugar delivered Cargill, below offered Sucden on $7 - 8.
Signing of the contract with Goskomseverom is for Cargill far not ordinary event. By some estimations, the requirement of northern regions for sugar makes a 200 thousand order t in a year. Considering that the given committee is the leading structure responsible for supply of this region including foodstuff, chances Cargill to be fixed in this market look not bad.
In the conditions of a present excessive demand for sugar possibilities not only the enterprises or regional administrations, but also the large commercial structures which are supported of commercial banks were considerably designated. Companies Cargill here again managed to achieve notable successes. Under the information received from informal sources, about 20 thousand t white sugar has bought in the summer at Cargill the trading house Menatep .
Some experts, however, are not inclined to dramatize position Sucden Kerry, believing that strategy of the French firm on use of capacities of domestic factories for processing of import raw materials will find the big response at sugar dealers of an average link. The similar scheme will allow Sucden to deliver operatively from Ukraine sugar in lots on 500 t.