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On the Autovase has passed a press - conference

In Tolyatti will construct one more automobile factory

At the initiative of Joint-stock company Autovases by 2000 in Tolyatti without use of budgetary financing it will be constructed large avtomobilestroitelnyj factory by productivity of 300 thousand cars in a year. It is with that end in view created the Automobile All-Russia Alliance - joint-stock company of open type which intends to involve for realisation of the project capitals physical and legal bodies.
uniqueness of the given project consists that it provides a series of measures on protection against progressing inflation of means invested for long term (3 bln. rbl.) .
Late at night on September, 7th has ended a press - the conference of the general director Vladimir Kadannikov`s devoted to new problems of factory on the threshold of creation of the Alliance Autovase. In a press - conferences also have taken part the chairman of Fund of federal property of Fikrjat Tabeev, the director LogoVAZ Boris Berezovsky, the governor of Samara Konstantin Titov and other officials. At night on September, 8th from Tolyatti correspondent LEONID - ZAVARSKY, whose report on a press has returned - we bring conference to your attention.

the alliance intends to transform consumer means in investment
As Vladimir Kadannikov has declared, 6 - on September, 7th has passed the expanded session of board of directors and joint-stock company board Autovases discussing questions of creation of joint-stock company the Automobile All-Russia Alliance . The purpose of creation of the Alliance is manufacture of cars for what the new factory will be constructed by capacity of 300 thousand Cars in a year. The exit on designed capacity is provided by 2000. The factory will master release of new base model VAZ - 1116, calculated on Russian the consumer with the average level of incomes.
the automobile All-Russia Alliance will be created by a number of founders in the form of joint-stock company of open type (drawing see). Participation of Fund of Federal property in an alliance will be expressed in an investment of actions belonging to it the Autovase that, by words g - on Kadannikov, will replace the state support. Other forms of participation of the state in the Alliance, including budgetary financing, it is not provided. As has underlined g - n Kadannikov, in the conditions of inflation of own profits of AavtoVAZa it is not enough for so scale investments. For achievement of necessary level of investment it is created special financially - industrial group. The basic rate will be made on attraction of means legal and physical persons by sale of securities. According to an estimation of a special commission of experts, only on population accounts in in the Savings Bank it is saved up 1,8 trln roubles, and on accounts of the industrial and commercial enterprises in commercial banks today there is a sum, equivalent $9 billion At the expense of these means can be carried out Alliance financing - certainly in case the public will believe in advantage of an investment of means in creation of automobile manufacture. G - n Kadannikov has noticed that at the first stage of activity of the Alliance the primary goal consists in, that to transform consumer money in investment . Besides explanatory work, the attractive scheme for investment of means by private investors - and for those who wants to get the car, and for those who counts on the future profits of the Alliance is prepared.

Under obligations will pay off - both dividends, and cars
According to the project, actions will take place not actually, and depositary obligations face value in 10 thousand rbl. Owners of obligations can take part in a special lottery in which some tens thousand cars will be played. However the obligation which has won the car, nevertheless remains at the owner and takes part in following draws. It also can be obmeneno on actually action on which dividends will be paid. So unusual scheme is selected from - for necessities to receive required investment means not gradually, and is one-stage. The special list of measures is developed for protection of these means against inflation. Data of the special sociological poll spent in Moscow testifies to that means can be received, Samara, Novosibirsk and Nalchik among various groups of the population - 30 % interrogated have unequivocally supported acquisition of depositary obligations.
as has informed g - n Kadannikov, under building of new factory ground tap in 140 hectares is already allocated. Erection " simultaneously will begin; extensions to the main assembly shop which is calculated on release of 100 thousand cars in a year. At the first stage it will be VAZ - 2106, gradually there will be a replacement by new model - VAZ - 2110 which batch production will begin by the end of next year. Release new 5 - door model VAZ - 2121 " is planned also; the Field the increased sizes and the improved design. Change of a styling of models of the ninth series is planned also. The considerable part of let out cars intends for exhibiting to lottery draws.
As appears from words g - on Kadannikov, the Automobile All-Russia Alliance will posess only new factory, however its some problems will dare to some extent at the expense of various manufactures and VAZ structures. Manufacture of nowadays let out models (VAZs 2105,06,07,08) will be gradually reduced in favour of release of model VAZ - 2110 and its updatings, and also new Fields . Especially g - n Kadannikov has underlined participation in the production program the Autovase and an alliance of a wide range of the defensive enterprises (now them from above 35) which will give the advanced defensive technologies adapted for automanufacture, and also will master within the limits of cooperation release of accessories. Both factories will constantly increase output, however at the initial stage their general circulation will make 1 million cars.

VAZ will sell the and another`s cars
G - n Kadannikov has declared that the arrangement with a number of the solid European companies about granting of direct industrial credits is reached. Besides the factory carries on intensive negotiations for the purpose of finding of the strategic partner which will enclose the means in new projects of an alliance. Now exploratory talk with the companies of General Motors, Crysler, Daimler Benz both Fiat and nearby others is spent. The factory has developed the conditions attractive to participation of the western partner in investment. In particular, it is supposed that the cars which are let out at factories of the strategic partner, will be on sale through a dealer network of VAZ and to be served at VAZOVSKY car repair shops. Under such scheme till 2000 can be realised to 300 thousand cars. By words g - on Kadannikov, the scheme at which the cars which have been let out by the foreign partner at its factories, will carry a trade mark VAZ is considered also.
observers mark not only unprecedented scale of the project of the Automobile All-Russia Alliance, but also its realisation in the conditions of growth of inflation and absence of the generated securities market. Plans to inform on the Alliance state of affairs which constituent documents should be registered by the end of September constantly.