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The film festival in Toronto

Requirements torontskih film fans opens have exceeded computer possibilities

on September, 9th in Toronto the ten-day Festival of Festivals which is spent annually opens. Under regulations the festival not competitive, but, despite it, involves large names and becomes a platform for many world premieres. This year the festival opens David Kronenberga`s premiere of the film (David Cronenberg) “ M.Batterfljaj “ removed under the known Broadway play.

For festival Toronto the filled halls and gala - representations with participation of stars are characteristic. So, Robert de Niro (Robert de Niro) will present the director`s debut “ the Bronx story “ (Bronx Tale); festival will visit the Novel Half-Jansky (Roman Polanski), Iren Papas (Irene Papas), Victoria Abril (Victoria Abril) and other celebrities.
the Program of Festival of Festivals is generously decked by names of stars and almost does not concede the Venetian. The festival offers public of a premiere: won Kanne “ the Piano “ (The Piano) Jane Kempion (Jane Campion); Akira Kurosawa`s new tapes (Akira Kurosava), Verner Hertsoga (Werner Herzog), Bertrana Blie (Bertrand Blie), Jean Ljuka Godard (Jean Luc Godard) and Gasa van Cενςΰ (Gus van Sant). Film display " is specially allocated; Day on a beach “ removed in 1969 under the scenario Half-Jansky and considered as the lost.
at the last minute the program has been added by David Memeta`s premieres of the film (David Mamet) “ Life at theatre “ (A Life in the Theater) c Jack Lemmonom (Jack Lemmon), new tapes with participation of Debry Uinger (Debra Winger), Lena Olin (Lena Olin) and Nicolas Cage (Nicolas Cage). Spetsprogramma “ the Panorama of Canada “ Includes the first English-speaking film made Quebec director Deni by the Lasso (Denys Arcand) “ Remain love and the person “ (Love and Human Remains). Section “ the Italian Renaissance “ focuses the attention to film creativity of Nanni Moretti (Nanni Moretti). In the program “ Modern world cinema “ including fifty names, Estonian picture " participates; the Gloom in Tallinn “ and “ Life with the idiot “ Alexander Rogozhkina from Petersburg it is included in section “ On a roadside “ where the most provocative films are shown. Among them - “ Vitgenstein “ (Wittgenstein) Dereka Dzharmena (Derek Jarman) and the world premiere young, but is already wide known American Greg Araki in narrow circles (Gregg Araki) under the mysterious name “ Totally F *** ed Up “.
For torontskih film fans the festival has begun long before opening. This year, wishing to accelerate obilechivanie citizens, organizers have entered computer system of service. But under the pressure of interested persons to break on festival the central computer immediately “ zavis “. “ It was, all the same what to try to pass an elephant through an eye of a needle, - has told the director of communications Michel Mehju (Michele Maheux). - Manually we did these operations in twenty times faster “. Admirers of the tenth muse have spent in turns on neskolku hours while position has not been rescued.
with festival opening to local film fans visitors and professionals from the different countries were added. The festival in Toronto is democratic in all: here there are no reserved places and privileges. You want to watch film - occupy before turn.