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Metallurgists have discussed the problems

Problems of metallurgists dare at administrative level

In spite of the fact that at last session of the governmental commission on an operational administration the Federal program of development of metallurgy has been approved, iron and steel industry of Russia still had many questions which demand steadfast attention and completion. At yesterday`s session of board of Committee on metallurgy of the Russian Federation the problems connected not so much with functioning of the most metallurgical complex, how many with mutual relations with allied industries - transport workers and coal miners have been considered two major.

the Committee on metallurgy of the Russian Federation on the board spent yesterday considered a question on problems of transportations of metallurgical production. As metallurgists intend to resolve the internal problems realisation of the Federal program of development of metallurgy (about it wrote on September, 8th) the greatest sharpness the problem of mutual relation with adjacent and serving branches now has.
transportations of metallurgical production make almost third of general goods turnover, and reduction of internal demand for metal assume increase in deliveries of metal products at a foreign market. Congestion of actually Russian ports Azovo - the Black Sea region forces to carry metal products through all country in ports of the Far East. Which capacities, naturally, it is not enough. Besides, transport tariffs increase end production cost by $30 - 50 for cargo ton. In this connection metallurgists are compelled to address to federal enforcement authorities with the request to find ways of decrease in transport expenses.
As the possible permission of a problem in the transport Ministry the project of the federal program of development of merchant marine fleet of Russia which assumes reconstruction of operating port economy, and also a construction of the new has been developed. And means for project performance in the transport Ministry have suggested to find partially in the federal budget, partially at the expense of investments of the Russian metallurgy into fleet development.
as one would expect, the offer to shift the problems on shoulders of the Russian metallurgy, put forward by the transport Ministry, has not met enthusiasm in State Committee on Metallurgy. Participants of yesterday`s session of board of Committee on metallurgy of the Russian Federation have specified in a number of basic defects in offers on increase in export and participation in it metallurgists, in particular on absence of the full financial forecast of offered actions and quality standard of prospects of the Russian export and, accordingly, demanded input of additional capacities.
at the second yesterday`s meeting of Committee on metallurgy of the Russian Federation one more urgent problem was discussed: what should become level of the released prices for coal. In expectation of the next session of the interdepartmental commission on this question (will inform on its results in the following number) metallurgists prepared for fight with coal miners, insisting on the basic requirement - rise in prices for coal no more than in 3,5 times in comparison with July, 1st, 1993