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The press - Peter Filippova`s conference

the Analytical centre has made recommendations to the president

the Aggravation of the intragovernmental crisis caused by necessity of acceptance of a definitive variant of the working program of economic reforms, has put the president before necessity of the next choice - this time tactics of realisation of economic transformations, in particular to denationalisation. It is expected that completion of the project of the decree initiated first vitse - prime minister Oleg Lobov and directed on updating of voucher privatisation spent to Russia today will come to the end. However the analytical centre on socially - economic policy at Presidential Administration does not recommend to the president to make basic changes to a course of denationalisation and considers the Minister of Economics as the hostage the myths which have taken roots at a socialism . About has declared yesterday on a press - conferences the head of the centre Peter Filippov.

the First vitse - the prime minister on economy Oleg Lobov who has offered to the president to change the concept of privatisation, insists on indexation of cost of fixed capital of the privatised enterprises and vouchers in which result the first should increase in 100 times, and the second - all in 25. As a result of quadruple reduction in price of the voucher there will be a possibility to reduce gratuitous transfer of the state and municipal property with 80 to 30 %. Other part of actions of the denationalised enterprises, for Lobov`s calculations, should be realised for money. As a result the first vitse - the prime minister assumes to gain means for investment in aktsionirovannye the enterprises and reduction of the scarce budget.
however experts of the analytical centre on socially - economic policy at the president recognised as erroneous the means chosen by Lobov for achievement of these purposes. They do not recommend to the president to follow offers vitse - a premiere. According to the head of the centre Peter Filippova, the Minister of Economics and the mayor who has supported it of Moscow Yury Luzhkov, became hostages the myths which have taken roots at a socialism . According to the centre, solvent demand of Russians for privatised property does not exceed 10 % of its market cost (it has served as the reason of the decision on free delivery of vouchers), the Russian businessmen have no considerable available assets, and dollar demand for the privatised enterprises from foreign buyers is limited.