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Business of the Baltic sea shipping company

the Chief of shipping company has exposed the subordinates

Office of Public Prosecutor of St.-Petersburg continues a legal investigation about plunders in Baltiysk sea shipping company (BMP) during its cooperation with the Russian branch of scientific fund the World laboratory . Yesterday the chief of shipping company Victor Harchenko has informed the version of some facts which are incriminated to it by Office of Public Prosecutor as plunders in especially large sizes. As a matter of fact g - n Harchenko has continued to expose actions of the subordinates - this time in connection with 13 cars Mercedes and the furniture sets received by employees of shipping company ostensibly through the Leningrad branch of the World laboratory.

By words g - on Harchenko, in May, 1992 Stanislav Kuznetsov, the director of joint project BMP and the World laboratory Transport Has suggested it to buy through laboratory cars in account 70 - percentage quota BMP in that project. Management BMP has agreed, counting that the contract will be officially paid from the account of branch of laboratory. However DM870 thousands have arrived to firm - to the seller of cars in Austria directly from the agent from - for a boundary, passing the World laboratory. (The similar scheme of transfer of means BMP through the account of the private person in the Finnish city of Kotka has described on September, 7th). Thus, confirms g - n Harchenko, a laboratory management, BMP knew nothing about details of this contract as it has not mentioned their accounts in St.-Petersburg.
at passage of cars through customs they have been issued on private persons - all involved in the project Transport supervising employees BMP and laboratory. However at reception of characteristics sheets on cars which Stanislav Kuznetsov has brought to shipping company in December, 1992, Victor Harchenko has demanded to put them on balance BMP. G - n smiths has agreed, however, as far as it is known g - well Harchenko, one Mercedes all - taki remained for the private person - the chief executive of the project Transport the former employee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Evgenie Green. By the way, under the information g - on Harchenko, from the account in Kotka Stanislav Kuznetsov gave to the same Green on loan $50 thousand, and now Evgenie Green, by data g - on Harchenko, absconds, though any charge on this business to it is not shown.
in the same way, under data g - on Harchenko, without notice managements BMP and laboratories whence - that of - for a boundary purchase of the Yugoslavian furniture for $80 thousand However in August, 1992 this furniture has been paid has arrived ostensibly as gratuitous gift of firm Slovenijales for the equipment of office of the World laboratory. However, according to Victor Harchenko, only the part of this furniture was is taken by it on balance of laboratory, and some sets have been carried under Stanislav Kuznetsova`s instructions home to employees BMP - to Arnold Rusinu, Vyacheslav Gubarev, Grigory Kinteraja, Anatoly Massanjuku, Vladimir Lazurenko, and also Kuznetsovu and the deputy director of branch of the World laboratory Alexander Chernyavsky. Thus g - on Harchenko surprises that to Rusinu, Kinteraja, Massanjuku and Lazurenko at a consequence, on - visible, is not present claims - charges to them is not shown.
in connection with furniture g - n Harchenko would like to note following legal absurd : On April, 19th, 1993 nowadays fulfilling duties of chief BMP Arnold Rusin has signed the claim directed to Office of Public Prosecutor, about put to shipping company officials of the World laboratory and BMP a damage at purchase of cars, furniture and payment of travellers - in opinion g - on Harchenko, it the claim of Rusina to itself .
G - n Harchenko insists that the mentioned illegal actions were made by employees of the World laboratory and BMP behind the back of a management of these organisations . Chief BMP intends to explain it to meeting of shareholders of these organisations which will take place on October, 23rd (about it will tell on October, 26th).