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Privileges to small-scale business on VAT payment

to Small enterprises have delayed the tax

the Russian small-scale business has received considerable tax privileges. Since July, 1st, 1993 for small enterprises essentially new procedure of payments with the budget under the tax to the added cost which allows to pay the tax once in a quarter is entered. The special letter of the State tax service of Russia, arrived in territorial inspections is devoted yesterday an innovation.

According to the new document, from second half of current year small enterprises had an opportunity to delay VAT payment in the budget. Now such enterprises can list the VAT once in a quarter depending on actual realisation of the goods, works or services. Thus in the letter especially makes a reservation that for such enterprises, unlike other tax bearers, periodicity of payment of the tax does not depend on volume of monthly payments. A privilege, according to the law About the profit tax of the enterprises and the organisations the enterprises, average number of working 200 persons which no more (in the industry and building - to 200 persons can use; in a science - to 100 persons, in other branches of industrial sphere - to 50 persons, and in branches of non-productive sphere and retail trade - to 15 persons).

Now all Russian enterprises bring the VAT ezhedekadno at the size of monthly average payments more than 500 thousand rbl., once a month - if the monthly sum of the tax makes from 100 to 500 thousand rbl., and once in a quarter - at the sum of the tax less than 100 thousand rbl. For the majority of the enterprises the sum transferred into the budget pays off proceeding from actual realisation and is brought not later than 20 numbers of next month (or quarter). However the enterprises of building, transport, trade, public catering and nefteproduktoobespechenija pay advance payments at a rate of one third of the sum of the VAT brought the last month (instead of upon). Recalculation is made upon in the end of the accounting period.

According to the new letter, the preferential order of payment of the VAT is entered for small enterprises backdating - since the July, 1st, 1993, therefore any financial sanctions to them for untimely representation of calculations under this tax tax the inspector will not apply. However, not to receive penalties for untimely payment of the tax, heads of small enterprises should consider that unlike the majority of other taxes, payment terms under the VAT have not changed after acceptance in June of this year of additions to Position about accounting. On - former the tax it is necessary to transfer into the budget to 20 numbers of month following quarter.
the letter of tax department continues a policy of the authorities on small-scale business support. And this time the privilege is especially essential, as in the conditions of continuous growth of inflation (which under the communique of the Ministry of Finance has made in August about 30 %) acceptance of a new order of payment of the tax for small enterprises means in practice granting of interest-free state credits by it.