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Presentation of the First voucher fund

the Check fund has united 3 million Russians

Investment funds after a year after the beginning of their activity became really the mass organisations involving in activity of a securities market millions of citizens of Russia. Yesterday in a conference - to a hall the President - hotel the presentation of the First voucher investment fund devoted to registration of the three-million shareholder has taken place. On a press - conferences heads of the fund largest in Russia have summed up annual activity and declared fund intention closely to be engaged in the secondary market of the actions. Besides, the gathered had been presented the first number of the newspaper of shareholders of the First voucher fund your newspaper . After an official part participants of meeting have been invited in a winter garden of hotel to a buffet table.

the Solemnity of conditions quite corresponded to the importance of an event: The first voucher fund is allocated among other Russian funds with high investment appeal of the portfolio - we will remind that the fund practically supervises the largest Moscow hotels Space and On Tver (were Minsk ) also has considerable share holdings of giants of nonferrous metallurgy - joint-stock company the Alloy AVISMA, the petrochemistry enterprises. On activity scales the First voucher fund has not equal in Russia - the declared authorised capital stock of fund makes 100 mlrd rbl. (from them it is paid 14,7 mlrd rbl.) .
However, the increase in number of shareholders to 3 million as a celebratory occasion was discussed at meeting absolutely not for long: as a highlight of evening the gathered had been presented the new security just emitted by fund - the special certificate on possession of a portfolio of actions of the emitters most attractive to investors. So, the structure of one of portfolios included hotel actions Space TSUMa, the Tobolsk petrochemical industrial complex, and also the Kaliningrad Investbank. Certificates on possession of portfolios are protected from a fake and have a face-value from 25 to 500 thousand rbl. According to the head of department of securities of fund Alexander Sintsova, the release of new financial tools organised by fund becomes the first step on a way to formation of the liquid secondary market of papers of fund.
on presentation it was possible to get acquainted and with the first number of own newspaper published by the First voucher fund your newspaper - Through this newspaper the fund intends to communicate with the shareholders (we will notice that any other form of work with three-million army of owners of actions of fund is represented inconceivable). In the first number your newspaper shareholders could get acquainted with heads of fund, and also have received councils to get the above described certificates.
during presentation heads of fund have expressed deep satisfaction cooperation with depozitariem RINAKO, to leaders improbably huge the register of shareholders of fund.