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! The insurance company has won a large game

Russia has offered the most favourable conditions

the Unprecedented case in practice of private Russian insurance has been noted yesterday by experts. For the first time the private company has accepted the large risk which sum has made $22,5 million Insurer on the responsibility the Moscow insurance society " has acted; Russia the insured property of joint-stock company East port (the Find). The contract conclusion was accompanied by an intense competition of insurers: the offers were directed by some companies, including the largest Russian company - Ingosstrah .

According to the deputy director of department of property insurance of a society Russia Yury Poljakova, joint-stock company East port Has obtained the credit ($22,5 million) in Vneshtorgbanke Russia on equipment purchase. The credit has been given on the security of joint-stock company property (the equipment for pogruzochno - discharging) which the bank has demanded to insure to own advantage. The insurance organisation East port has charged to the insurance company Akfes - the Find one of which founders it is.
more than once wrote about competition strengthening for insurance of favourable objects. Offers on insurance of the given risk have been directed joint-stock company by the several Moscow companies - Russia Ingosstrahom and Vestrosso . Property insurance East port has caused a competition for following reasons. Transferring this risk in reinsurance (and it should be made any company), the insurer could receive the considerable sums of the resafety commission, and in certain cases the commission can exceed even own deduction of the insurer. Besides, absence losses on object of insurance allowed to count lately on successful passage of the insurance contract.
by words g - on Poljakova, the conditions of insurance offered Russia were are considered by the most comprehensible. The client and Vneshtorgbank was quite satisfied with data on a financial position of the insurance company. However observers do not exclude a variant that a choice in advantage Russia spoke also some other reasons as participants of competition hardly would manage to offer considerably differing conditions of insurance as all of them work on the basis of rules Ingosstraha . Besides, all applicants had possibility to provide resafety protection of risk. Therefore it is possible to assume that a choice in advantage Russia spoke reasons of a subjective order. So, it is not excluded that Russia has offered Akfes - the Find one of which founders as already was mentioned, is East port the greatest broker commission.
by words g - on Poljakova, according to treaty provisions of insurance the property has been insured only from fire and acts of nature; the insurance premium has made 0,7 % of the insurance sum. 73 % of risk are transferred in reinsurance at intermediary of German insurance broker Jauch and Hubener. Other sum, in which own deduction Russia have made 12,5 %, it is reinsured in a number of the insurance and resafety companies, including in Kolnische Ruck.