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Firm Hewlett seminar - Packard

the Company has presented telecommunication technologies

the Russian market of communication facilities remains object of steadfast attention of the numerous foreign companies. Yesterday one of them - the American electronic and computer corporation Hewlett - Packard (HP) - has opened in hotel Radisson - Slavic a two-day seminar - the presentation, devoted to a telecommunication line of activity of the company - a little known in Russia. About 200 potential clients of firm could learn about modern technologies of management of communication systems from employees who have specially arrived to Moscow of some the European representations HP. At a seminar the first deputy of the Minister of Communications of Russia Alexander Alyoshin who has noticed has acted that position in its branch is now strong enough.
HP during a seminar shows the newest technics, including - for the first time in Russia - the superportable computer - notebook OmniBook 300.

G - n Alyoshin has underlined that after clearing of tariffs for a telecommunication service its department became one of leading sources of receipts in the national budget. The Russian telecommunications involve foreign firms first of all with comparative reliability of investments into this sphere.
as has told in conversation with the correspondent the head of Moscow representation Hewlett - Packard to Nik Rossiter (Nick Rossiter), its company, despite future 25 - summer anniversary of activity in the Russian market, till now did not offer in the CIS countries the telecommunication technologies. Yesterday at a seminar representatives Hewlett - Packard have told about successes of firm in the field of management of difficult communication systems by means of powerful computers of a class mainframe and original software Open View. At a seminar it was repeatedly underlined that these decisions follow ideology open systems that is differ compatibility with the most various kinds of the equipment. According to experts, HP counts on application in Russia of computers and the software of firm with telephone exchanges Siemens, AT &T and Alcatel, received the wide circulation in the CIS countries suffices.
among invited to a seminar - representatives of concern Intertelekom Control centre of an international telecommunication, the Savings Bank, Inkombanka, companies MCC, DHL, US West.
Today of a seminar will be devoted decisions Hewlett - Packard in the field of local computer networks.

representation Hewlett phone - Packard: (095 923 - 50 - 01.