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Lenoblsovet Leningrad region threatens with sanctions

has started to develop the contract with the government of Russia

Within last one and a half months confrontation between a management of Leningrad region and the government of Russia proceeds - all this time area the prime minister - minister Victor Tchernomyrdin 9 mlrd cannot receive promised roubles. Thereupon yesterday Small council Lenoblsoveta has delivered to the government some kind of the ultimatum.

the Government promised to transfer money, necessary for harvesting and preparation for winter three times, into the account of regional administration, but the promise till now is not executed. If nine billions the roubles, promised by the Ministry of Finance in the fourth time yesterday in the morning, will not arrive into accounts of area till September, 15th regional deputies reserve the right to itself to call this very day emergency session and to go on strict measures.
So, already yesterday Small council Lenoblsoveta has made decision to begin contract working out between area and the Ministry of Finance of Russia. According to vice-president Lenoblsoveta Vitaly Klimov, between Leningrad region and the Ministry of Finance the basic agreement on signing of the contract which will concern both sums already promised by the government, and the future credits is reached. The contract essence consists that if within 10 days money does not arrive in area, its management stops deductions of federal taxes in the state budget.
the contract, on a plan of deputies, will come into force right after its signings and if it all - taki is signed by both parties it becomes the first this sort of contract. Till now heads of regions of Russia only frightened the government of that they will stop deductions in the state budget. Judging by performances of deputies at yesterday`s session of Small council of area, this time they are adjusted rather seriously and have actually delivered to the government of Russia the ultimatum.
deputies have been compelled to take this step as a result of really catastrophic position which have developed in area with harvesting and preparation by winter. Without having obtained the credits promised by the government, area economy are compelled to live and work on credit. Thus, if the government and promises further only, heads of state farms to cover debts, will sell the production not to St.-Petersburg, and in other regions.