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The presentation in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia

Information centre of the Ministry of Internal Affairs leaves on world level

Yesterday in the House of veterans of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia on the occasion of 75 - letija creations of the Main information centre (GITS) the meeting of heads of service with its veterans has taken place. Listing achievements of the department, chief GITS Gennady Lezhikov, in particular, has informed gathered that in a centre databank is more than 25 million personal cards on 13 million persons, before involved in a criminal liability, and also about 18 million dactyloscopic cards.

As it was marked at a meeting, till 1988 information GITS passed under a signature stamp top secret as the databank has the information not only on appearance and private life of criminals - in it is considered about 30 thousand various indicators. Gradually the centre information began to declassify. Today on a mutually advantageous basis the Interpol and some western special services use the service information.
in August, 1992 between services of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the countries of the former republics USSR the agreement on uniform information field has been signed. Except Tajikistan and Latvia, all former Soviet republics use data GITS. In its Russia use 9 subjects, among which Ministries of Internal Affairs, MBR, Office of Public Prosecutor and other law enforcement bodies.
as participants of a meeting have noted, the advantage of centre work is obvious: for last 25 years with its direct help it is opened 265 thousand especially grave crimes. And all - taki the hardware strongly lags behind the western analogues. However thanks to the agreement of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia with the German firm Siemens employees of service hope already in the end of this year kompjuterizovat all central service. If it occurs, check of the person of any arrested person will occupy all some hours.