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Car accidents

on May, 5th at a dawn, in 04. 20, in Moscow in Car-repair street 15 - the summer ninth-grader of one of the Moscow schools Maxim Julin who was at the wheel of the car of BMW - 315 (it is natural, without the driver`s licence), has not managed to drive. As a result the foreign car on full speed ran into a standing motor vehicle of KamAZ - 5410 (which driver 46 belongs to transport agency from Kazan), - summer Nikolay Lauhin during this moment was in a cabin. As a result of collision Julin has received concussion of a brain and shoulder crisis, its schoolmate Elena Zhandarova from serious traumas has died on the spot tragedies. Two more passengers of BMW have suffered: at 19 - summer Alexander Titov brain concussion, crisis of a nose and bruises, and at the young man which person is not established, - closed cranial - a brain trauma and hip crisis. All victims have been taken to hospital Botkin`s name.

This very day in 17. 30 deputy director of small enterprise a Fobos 30 - summer townsman Lobnja Sergey Makarov, following on a motor vehicle of Ford Scorpio towards Moscow Region, on 22 - the m kilometre of Dmitrovsky highway has brought down the woman. Suffered, 22 - the summer employee of publishing house Truth Elena Letvinova, itself became the culprit of incident as passed road to an unstated place. From the received traumas of Letvinova has died on the spot.

On Sunday morning, in 5. 30, on 69 - m kilometre of the Moscow ring highway following from the Leningrad highway to Volokolamsk 23 - the summer Anatoly Davidov operating by proxy car Mercedes, has not managed to drive. The foreign car on full speed ran into a bridge parapet, and Davidov who has got plural trauma has died on the spot incidents. Excessive excess by the driver of speed on this site of road became an accident cause, according to employees of GAI.

in the evening of the same day, in 20. 20, on Leninsk the prospectus the originator of failure became the employee of the limited liability company kulturaservis 23 - the summer Ivan Martynov operating by proxy a motor vehicle the Muscovite - 2140 . At evolution from of the same kind in another it has not passed moving cars in a passing direction and has faced one of them. At the wheel suffered car ZAZ - 968 there was a doctor of institute of a name of Semashko 45 - summer Larissa Dubovik. From blow taken off with proezzhej parts Zaporozhets ran into a column. In failure its passenger, 48 - the summer Igor Dubovik working in small enterprise " has suffered; Strojimpuls . From the received traumas of Dubovik has died before car arrival First aid .