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the President of Russia has signed the decree about measures of the state support socially - economic development of the Samara region. Under the message a press - services of the president, the decree is directed on maintenance of effective participation of regional administration in management of state ownership. With that end in view Sovmin and the State Property Committee of Russia on representation of committee on management of state property of the Samara region make decisions on fastening of share holdings in state ownership at privatisation of the enterprises and the objects being in federal and state ownership of the Samara region and falling under restrictions, established by sections 2. 2 and 2. 3 State programs of privatisation for 1992. For the Samara region the regional export quota at the rate to 10 % from volume of production made in its territory concerning the goods, exported under licences is established. In change of the decree of the president # 151 from February, 17th, 1992 the currency gain from export ordered by point 1 of the named decree of volumes of oil, gas and products of their processing at a rate of a regional export quota completely arrives in currency fund of the Samara region for purchases on import of necessary technologies and the equipment. Sovmin is obliged to consider in a month offers of administration of the Samara region on experiment carrying out on increase of a role of region in realisation monetary - the credit policy.

the Government of Moscow the decision " is accepted; About a course of performance of the Program of the government of Moscow for 1993 . In the document satisfactory performance of the city program as a whole is marked. However at the same time variety of problems dares badly. Thereupon the Moscow government pays attention to following problems: deterioration of work of elevated passenger transport; The unsatisfactory organisation of cleaning of city territory; rough infringements of contractual discipline; absence of system work with the industry of not city submission; insufficiency of work of Moskomimuschestvo; under the account of land tenure and the organisation of ground payments and etc. the Decision orders low productivity of work: to organise work on collection of ground payments; to carry out measures on expansion of the rights and increase of responsibility of prefects of administrative districts; to speed up work on transition to interaction with not state structures and etc.

the order of the mayor of Moscow " Has arrived in official mailing; About development small private hlebopechenija in Moscow . The order approves offers trading - the industrial company Grain business and the Moscow fund of support of small business (the program 100 bakeries ) . One more project of corporation Grain business carries the name the House for the baker (details - on p. 9). Besides, prefectures of administrative districts should provide in a month target allocation (originally) premises in the size 250 - 300 2 under the organisation of one bakery in each prefecture, and also within 1993 to provide allocation of premises under the organisation of nine more bakeries in everyone perfekture. As the appendix to the order the proscale project " is dispatched; 100 bakeries providing development in Moscow networks of small bakeries.

the Moscow government the decision " is accepted; About creation of a network of the enterprises pitany fast service. More in detail about it will tell tomorrow.