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Stock quotes of energy carriers

Barter comes back to the market of energy carriers

In view of absence of solvent demand exchange trade in energy carriers continues to stay in a paralysis. Sale is found by only small parties of oil products that, however, has more likely incidental character. Difficulties in carrying out of payments between the former union republics induce dealers in renewal of already forgotten partially barter operations.

Exchange trade in energy carriers continues to stay in hibernation. With energy carriers experts explain small volume of transactions spent through a stock exchange, as before, crisis of the non-payments, sharply limiting possibilities of buyers. And at the same time demand for energy carriers and their offer continue to remain considerable with a tendency to growth.
Using a crisis situation and absence of real trade at stock exchanges, dealers in expectation of solvent buyers of large parties have already raised the prices to a marginal level. While observers mark only wishing to get small parties of motor fuel. Though sellers usually refuse carrying out of transactions with small consignments of goods, from time to time small transactions nevertheless are made. In particular, for last week it has been noted two similar transactions - on MNB on Friday, on September, 3rd it has been sold two lots of diesel fuel in volume of 100 tons at the price of 115 thousand rbl./ t and 49 tons at the price of 100 thousand rbl./ t, and on September, 7th on BSTSB 250 tons of the similar goods have been realised at the price of 110 thousand roubles for ton.
except aforementioned, two more transactions which it is possible to mention especially have taken place. On MNB have sold 1 thousand tons of gasoline of Ai - 93 at the price of 150 thousand rbl./ t, and at the Moscow commodity exchange the price of the transaction for party of licence diesel fuel in volume in 1135 tons has made 235 thousand roubles for ton. If the price of the first transaction quite corresponds to a present price level on fuel in the second it was purely speculative that forces to doubt a reality of the perfect transaction.
in the market of licence energy carriers the situation has developed also enough the paradoxical. Level of the prices generated at stock exchanges does not reflect interests sellers, buyers - for both parties the price 170 - 180 thousand roubles for gasoline ton is quite comprehensible. The main obstacle for trade in this group of the goods - impossibility to pay the transaction in view of complexity of carrying out of the interrepublican calculations, strengthened, besides, crisis of non-payments. For this reason buyers have begun study of barter operation when in exchange for gasoline sugar will be delivered with Ukraine. The price for fuel in this transaction will make 175 thousand rbl./ t, and the sugar price - 400 thousand rbl./ t.