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The restaurant criticism

Today our readers can get acquainted with news from the Philippine restaurant Manila . As you have already guessed, our correspondent DARYA - TSIVINA has visited this institution not only to note homecoming of a body of the former president of Philippines Ferdinand Markosa. The person far from a policy, she has much more become interested in arrival in Manila new party of seafood from Germany. Rare sea fishes, huge royal shrimps, perfect polutorakilogrammovye lobsters, mussels, octopuses and other inhabitants of sea abysses have inspired the head cook Manila on creation of new dishes in the Philippine style. Also it is told about these dishes today in our heading.

if and to order where - nibud sea gifts, just in to Manila ... Recently the sea generously enough presents Moscow. Any shrimps (not to tell crabs) have literally captivated all Moscow restaurants. A today`s special crabs under mayonnaise already can quite contend in popularity with the classic of domestic cookery - salad Capital . If in the restaurant menu there are at least three cold dishes one of them it will be indispensable Capital and another - crabs. These are severe laws of the restaurant nature.
in institutions a class above submit also kokil from shrimps, and in most - most restaurants - royal shrimps and lobsters - a grill. But what it for lobsters, tell on favour? And from what kingdom these shrimps - here in what a question? After all for lobsters at us, as a rule, give out their juvenile offsprings - so-called baby - lobsters. And royal shrimps who in the sizes should not concede to small lobsters, it appears usually pieces six for the portion. And everyone in size about an oyster. All this seafood, of course, too on - to the is good. But all - taki, very big lobsters is better, than very small. As in to Manila they both were yesterday, and today is.
by the way, at this restaurant not only stuffed lobsters, but also all other seafood - excellent quality. To take, for example, salad Paradise. Rings of sweet pepper, tomatoes, a cucumber, huge fleshy olives, a lemon, fresh salad and magnificent seafood in own juice, slightly impregnated with vinegar. Here and dense juicy shrimps, and large limonno - yellow oysters, and elastic white squids, and small baby - octopuses. Such octopuses, by the way, too the big rarity at our restaurants. Unlike lobsters, octopuses, as a rule, arrive to Moscow already in rather old age. Feelers at them huge and rigid, meat rude. And at the Philippine restaurant octopuses absolutely tiny also are very gentle on taste.
not less effectively looks in to Manila and fish soup Sinigang Barbie . Uhoj, as it is known, anybody from us you will not surprise. But Philippine an ear is special an ear. At us fishermen cook to an ear by a principle the it is less, the better . In the sense that anything except fish, and salt they there do not put onions. The transparent empty broth and much - a lot of boiled fish as a result turns out. Cooks of our restaurants try not to lag behind nice fishers - compatriots. An ear from sturgeon - elder sister of salad Capital - appears at the client in the form of a broth, several slices of amber sturgeon, a potato, onions and sometimes field mushrooms.
the Philippine cooks go by contradiction, that is on the contrary, much more pleasant rule - the more, the better . In an ear Sinigang Barbie except a slice of rare sea fish Barbie Arrows of young green onions float, tomatoes and sweet pepper redden. Openwork florets from carrots and a garden radish, transparent chunks of onions, there and then - wide sheet of green salad and greens. Colour at Philippine uhi slightly reddish, on taste it moderately navarista also is very sharp. And thus very tasty.
after soup I have tried one more new dish - a fillet of fish with a black string bean. To compare this popular Philippine is hot with sturgeon - fri I will not be. What in vain to speak, if in an oval deep dish rolled in dense sweetish sauce large pieces of fish in golden kljare, mixed up with pripushchennym sweet pepper, an onions, tomatoes, carrots and a soft black string bean. Something would be ridiculous to demand from Russian cooks similar. Sturgeon - not fish - barbi and citizens of Russia - not Filipinos. While there are in Moscow restaurants, to them will submit on pleasure to visitors sturgeon on - are Moscow, sturgeon on - monastically and sturgeon on - russki. Against these dishes I have no anything, and traditions of Russian cuisine very much I appreciate and I respect. But all - taki if you were going to order for a supper gifts of the sea and fresh fish, is better to make it in to Manila .

Restaurant Manila (*****) fine conditions, the good original kitchen, expensive ware, a various wine list distinguish. All dishes prepare from the most quality products. The restaurant prices are high enough. However, and disorder of the prices enough big - here it is possible to have dinner both for $30 and for $150. Salad Paradise costs $25,30. Fish soup Sinigang Barbie - $14,70. A fillet of fish with a black string bean - $17. The whole stuffed lobster costs $80. In a wine list - French, Italian, Spanish wines. In a bar a wide choice of a hard liquor. The restaurant works from 12 o`clock till 24 o`clock.

the restaurant address: Vavilov`s street, d. 81. Phone: (095 132 - 00 - 55.