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Consequence/ sentences

the Moscow City Court has pronounced a sentence to Yury Beljaevu, recognising as its guilty of bribe reception.

On materials of the bill of particulars, on January, 1st, 1992 55 - the summer chief of the Moscow area of hydroconstructions of the State enterprise Moscow canal Beljaev has concluded the contract on transfer to rent Scientifically - to manufacturing enterprise the Dawn an uninhabited premise a total area 82 2 under commercial shop within December, 31st, 1996. In spite of the fact that according to treaty provisions tenants posessed the priority right to the repayment of a rented premise, Beljaev has declared to the general director the Dawn g - well to Trifonovu that will render the assistance in this business only after that will pay it 100 thousand roubles. Having agreed in words with requirements of the official, g - n Trifonov has gone in 5 - e Management on struggle against economic crimes of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of Moscow where it have supplied with a dictophone and the marked denominations. On June, 25th, 1992 in commercial shop g - n Trifonov has transferred Beljaevu of 40 thousand roubles, having promised to bring up other money later then the bribe taker has been caught red-handed.
During judicial hearings Beljaev denied the fault in bribe reception, having declared that, experiencing strong financial difficulties in connection with forthcoming repair of the house belonging to its mother-in-law in village, he has asked money on loan at g - on Trifonova with whom it had friendly relations.
judges have critically concerned indications of the defendant and recognised as its guilty. Simultaneously they retrained a criminal conduct of Beljaevym from item 173 ch. 3 UK Russia ( reception of a bribe by the official occupying responsible position ) Which to it was incriminated by a consequence, on item 173 p.1 ( reception of a bribe by the official for performance in interests bribing actions, which it as the official, could make with use of the office position ), recognising that the defendant cannot be considered as the person occupying responsible position.
having considered positive characteristics of the defendant and an unsatisfactory state of his health (an ischemic heart trouble), judges found possible to apply to it item 44 UK of Russia ( conditional condemnation ) Also have defined to it as punishment 4 years with a trial period in 5 years. g - well it is forbidden to Beljaevu to occupy with a judgement responsible administrative and economic posts. Besides it the court has addressed in the Supreme body of Russia with representation about deprivation of Beljaeva of government awards - awards an honour Sign and medals the Veteran of work .

the Smolnensky regional Office of Public Prosecutor of St.-Petersburg continues criminal case investigation on charge of four former officials of Management of city property of Lengorispolkoma (nowadays Committee on management of city property of the mayoralty) in excess of office powers and a negligence (according to item 171 and item 172 UK of Russia).
As informed on April, 14th, these charges are shown Alexander Utevsky, Alexander Avdeev, Alexander Vorobevu and Victor Tomashevsky. Under the version of the investigation, in 1991 23 physical persons have illegally redeemed in a private property of 17 shops Lenkulttorga thanks to that workers of the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People`s Deputies have inattentively studied documents of the enterprises declared on privatisation without the knowledge of their collectives, and have given out the corresponding permission with legislation infringement. Accused are inclined to consider that the question of legitimacy of the made privatisation is in the arbitration court competence, and the criminal intention deny. Now the inspector of Smolnensky Office of Public Prosecutor running this business, is in holiday, and official terms of investigation are prolonged till November, 15th. Will return to a theme on November, 16th.

the State Office of Public Prosecutor of Russia has accepted to manufacture materials of criminal case upon abduction by unknown persons of the leader Labour Russia Victor Anpilov and a member of Central Committee RKRP of Yury Tshovrebashvili. As informed on May, 12th, the attack has been made on May, 8th in microdistrict Butovo. Both victims have taken away for a city where within days criminals held them on a summer residence, subjecting to beatings. Then Anpilov and Tshovrebashvili have let out, and they have declared at once about happened in militia.
first investigation was conducted by employees of the Moscow Office of Public Prosecutor, however then business materials have been transferred in the State Office of Public Prosecutor of Russia. On the reasons of transfer of business in the highest authority and comments in this connection most g - on Anpilov will inform in tomorrow`s number.

last night have expired holding in custody terms in the Kaluga pre-trial detention centre of the assistant to the constant representative of republic Kalmykia at the president of Russia of Vyacheslav Dzhambinova. As informed on September, 2nd, Dzhambinov has been detained by employees of management on struggle against the organised crime of the Department of Internal Affairs of the Kaluga region on suspicion in extortion and till yesterday was in custody as item 90 UPK of Russia ( application of a preventive punishment concerning the suspect ) .
Now it is necessary for investigating bodies or to bring concrete charge against the arrested person, or to make to it the apologies and to release it from - under guards. Within last ten days employees of the Department of Internal Affairs of the Kaluga region tried to find out participation of Dzhambinova in the fact of extortion from the Kaluga broker g - on Zagvoznenko $5 thousand and to establish legality of distribution of the humanitarian help received from Austria made by it. Will return to a theme in tomorrow`s number after it becomes known about the decision of the Kaluga Department of Internal Affairs concerning the maintenance g - on Dzhambinova under guards.

yesterday the Sverdlovsk regional court of Moscow has once again transferred hearings under the claim of People`s Deputies of Russia of Gleb Yakunin and Lva Ponomareva to the Chairman of the Supreme body of Russia Ruslanu Hasbulatovu and to to the Russian Newspaper . As informed on August, 21st, deputies have taken offence at the chairman that it in the interview to the Russian Newspaper From April, 24th, 1993 has accused them of appeals to murders of communists. Absence in court of one of respondents - the editor-in-chief " became the reason of yesterday`s carrying over of hearings; the Russian Newspaper . From edition to court the letter with the message that it is in holiday has arrived. The next session of court is appointed to October, 13th. On its results will inform on October, 14th.

the Moscow city Office of Public Prosecutor has prolonged for a month terms of official investigation of criminal case on charge of the former chief of department of culture and sports of the Moscow federation of trade unions in abusing the office position, the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of Moscow spent by Investigatory management. Watches a course of investigation since April, 1993. Inspectors incriminate g - well to Maltsev gamble by tickets for the Kremlin fur-trees in December 1992 - January, 1993. Under their version, responsible the official sold tickets for these actions for carrying out of New Year`s holidays at the price from 1,5 thousand to 2,5 thousand Roubles, at their official cost in 350 roubles, and a difference appropriated. At a rough guess, fur-tree business has brought g - well to Maltsev the income in 500 thousand roubles. Will return to a theme on October, 9th on the expiration of official terms of investigation.

yesterday the employee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Chechen republic, wished to remain the unknown person, has informed the correspondent that the criminals who made attempt at the president of the Chechen Republic of Dzhohara Dudaev in the night from 7 for August, 8th and have hard wounded its two security guards, are not found till now (informed on attempt at the Chechen leader on August, 10th). However absolutely precisely it is possible to establish the fact that the persons attempting on g - on Dudaev, belong to supporters of the former chairman of city meeting of Grozny of Beslan Gantimirova nowadays searched by employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Chechen Republic. Will return to this theme if participants of attempt are detained.