Rus News Journal


you did not pay attention to such strange coincidence: usually weather spoils simultaneously with our mood? Meanwhile, as we for certain know, between these two events absolutely there is no communication. Judge for yourself, well unless can deterioration of weather any there which and deterioration - that it is impossible to name (as it is impossible to worsen obviously bad) to spoil to us mood? The answer arises quite defined: never. So why the mood in bad weather inevitably falls?
we will consider some invented situation. As in cloudy weather in the street as - that not so, you most likely are in the apartments and from there is nothing to do with steadfast attention examine an interior. You examine it, examine, and here, in the thirty third time having stopped the sight at a hill of a nut tree, with horror find out on it to a certain extent a mote. The mood at you there and then spoils, and a logic way your thoughts come to a following question: and for what, actually, the purposes you hold the parlourmaid? It is not excluded that you do not stop on this abstract question and will pass to resolute actions. In this case the further work of the parlourmaid in your house raises some doubts. Having spent abrupt dismantlings and having given to whom calculation follows, you shortly find out that the dust from it at all has less, and directly - taki on the contrary. Naturally, the mood your, deteriorated of - for a trifle, worsens definitively and irrevocably, you become the grumbler and the misanthrope and for the rest of the life spend together with a stomach ulcer.
It is asked, at what here bad weather when you suited to yourselves such infernal life? From here morals: yes you do not sit in bad weather of the house, as tomorrow it by and large and quite good. The rain, for example, in Moscow will not be, and temperature +10... 15 . In Petersburg on Saturday it is expected +11... 16 , without any precipitations so large quarrel from the parlourmaid to you, we hope, does not threaten. But similar trouble can quite happen to inhabitants of Sofia, and even a heat in 23... 28 will not rescue - there tomorrow rains. In London and Amsterdam as always all o`kej: it is solar +14... 19 . To Parisians (in Paris +17... 22 , without any precipitations) too anything terrible does not threaten, if only, of course, for any reasons they do not avoid the sun. Well and in Madrid again warming, to +28 .