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Again the autumn and again could not be put on feet

It is remembered literally, in one novel there was such phrase: From distance of ten steps it was is dazzling is good, however, on closer examination became clearly what to look at it it is necessary from ten . In our opinion, it is very truly noticed. And consequently it is absolutely unimportant that is a consideration subject - whether the woman, the picture or the car - the main thing to choose a correct foreshortening. Apply this rule to any reality situation and you will feel, as in your attitude something will change for the better. We will follow a concrete example (yes - autumn, yes - a rain, a bad weather and slush) and we will look that in all it can be good - from the point of view of the buyer, certainly. Well in - the first, seasonal sale of fruit everyone there and vegetables proceeds, and therefore the prices all fall and fall. And in - the second, it is necessary to admit that fact that for a great number of people autumn - first of all an occasion considerably to expand and update the clothes. Specially for them we give some recommendations where to buy autumn footwear, truth, mainly, man`s as mass delivery of female footwear in the Moscow shops is expected later. And about it next time.

So if tomorrow it is necessary to you a traditional Saturday campaign on the market, we recommend to use ours navodkami. Practically in all markets the potato essentially becomes cheaper. And though its average market price 250 rbl./ kg, on Butyrsky, Preobrazhenskiy, Lublin and even Cheremushkinsky the markets it is possible to buy a potato of all for 200. The Same situation with an onions, carrots, a beet and apples. But not all so is smooth. Oil vegetative does not concern the seasonal goods and, probably, therefore has sharply risen in price in the Preobrazhenskiy market (+25 %). But despite it, its price - 1000 rbl./ litre - on - former one of the cheapest. On Leningrad and Dorogomilovsky, for example, oil costs 2000 rbl. Literally suddenly in four markets beef has risen in price and and everywhere is identical - on 17 % thanks to what on Central, Lublin, Preobrazhenskiy and Dorogomilovsky it costs now 7000 rbl./ kg. Whereas on Butyrsky beef for the present can be bought for 4000. Butter is presented far not in all markets, but also there where it is, its price (on Danilovsky - 8000 rbl./ kg, on Cheremushkinsky - 10 000) suggests that it is better to buy it for currency. In currency shops it costs $3,75 that at a present average course 1100 R/ $ will manage to you twice more cheaply.
in general, it is necessary to tell, becomes cheaper and the meal rises in price mainly. This process has mentioned other goods as - that not so. Yes it and is clear: on the importance a little that will be compared to meal. Unless only videocameras which this week, unique technicians from all variety, took and have risen in price for 21 %. That, in our opinion, as - that is strange: the season of holidays has ended and to remove like there would be nothing. Though it, of course, only in our opinion. But nevertheless, even at this deal for roubles they are slightly cheaper. From the seasonal goods have especially sharply risen in price krossovki, and both for roubles, and for currency. First this fact has a little surprised us, but when we have learnt that mass delivery of female and man`s footwear is expected only after September, 10th, all became clear. Probably, shortly the men combining how much it is possible, a business suit and krossovki here and there will start gleaming.
And nevertheless just the man`s autumn footwear though as - that is presented in the Moscow shops whereas with female it is simply intense. It would be time to suppliers to consider weather aspects of our market and to know that at us now all year long - one continuous autumn. So, the men using krossovki mainly on their direct appointment, can glance in KARSTADT (GUM) and pay attention, for example, on fashionable tupomysye boots on tolstennoj to a platform and with iron heel-taps on myske under proud name Dockers (USA) - DM82. 30. In the same place the footwear of manufacture of Italy and Germany - from DM60 to DM108 is presented. In the same GUMe in section SALAMANDER is available which - as for ladies, for example, as though shoes from as though crocodile leather - DM154. But a choice of man`s footwear much more. Oh, that here only is not present! Boots with varnish inserts (DM129), boots from hardly bound skin (DM144), with a type sole the Inspector (DM139), with zakosom under cowboy`s (DM129). About combinations everyone there a skin plus suede we also do not speak. But especially we pay your attention to rather stylish shoes Camel Boots (an excellent skin) for DM184.
And at last, only for real men. In salon of haute couture CHOICE in TSUMe exclusively classical autumn boots Cheaney (England) from the claret and black polished skin are presented. The prices from $234 to $338. There is also a varnish variant - $234. Tremendous high boots with a dense lacing for $583 Here are on sale.
We long thought, what such original to advise to you to buy to footwear, so to say, to complete the picture while in shop North Bridge Serial casually have not found out a certain curious bagatelle. Imagine the varnished cane from valuable breeds of a tree. Agree, a thing stylish and convenient already in itself. But there is more to come. In a cane a secret - the steel tube passing from top to bottom in a spoon for footwear. Bottom centimetres of 20 canes are easily turned off, and to looks of the public who have frozen with delight the spoon appears. Very much we recommend to uncles with a radiculitis - it is not necessary to bend down. Besides, such thing can be used easily as self-defence means. $80 are not a pity. This multipurpose thing in Italy is made. We suspect that to Sicily.