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Arcady Volsky`s visit to Petersburg

the Establishment of Industrial party is planned for October

the President of the Russian union of industrialists and businessmen Arcady Volsky declared late at night on September, 8th on a press - conferences in St.-Petersburg that a main objective of Party of industrialists created by its - promotion of the candidates both for the future parliament, and in other power structures. The idea of a party creation was supported also by Anatoly Sobchak.

the Program of stay of Arcady Volsky in St.-Petersburg was rather sated and various. Besides trips on the enterprises of a city, business negotiations with mayor Anatoly Sobchakom, Volsky met and representatives of private business. For example, it became known that Arcady Volsky twice during the day discussed idea of creation of industrial party with known Petersburg businessman Ilya Baskinym - at breakfast and a supper.
the Same theme was central and at Volsky`s meeting with representatives of Association of the industrial enterprises of St.-Petersburg. It decided to spend on September, 22nd meeting of directors of the largest enterprises of the city entering into association where the organising committee of Industrial party will be formed. According to Volsky, similar committees are formed in 37 regions of Russia.
our association left the Civil union, - Volsky on a press - conferences in Smolnom, - and I personally too has informed. It is known that the unions of industrialists and factories have no right to put forward candidates, and have only political parties and movements. We watch closely one and a half tens candidates which have appeared last two months and apply for a presidential post. Industrialists, having lost in 1990, the second time cannot lose . Volsky to stand in presidents of Russia does not intend.
the Idea of new party, seemingly, keen also mayor Anatoly Sobchak. It is remarkable that for conversation with vitse - the prime minister of Russia Vladimir Shumejko (also arrived to Petersburg) at Sobchaka was hardly probable half an hour whereas the mayor talked to Volsky within two hours, and then has spent joint a press - conference. In opinion g - on Sobchaka, in Russia there was a considerable event - there was a new serious party which will be supported by many people . Constituent congress is planned for spending in October - November in Moscow.