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Special services of Democratic People`s Republic of Korea conduct search in Russia

Delegation has confirmed the facts of infringement of human rights

Yesterday Committee on human rights of the Supreme body of Russia has sent president Yeltsin the letter in which informs it on results of a trip of delegation of committee to Khabarovsk territory on lesorazrabotki, conducted on the interstate agreement between Russia and Democratic People`s Republic of Korea the Korean woodcutters. The delegation has come to a conclusion that on on these lesorazrabotkah human rights (tells about it since February, 9th) are broken.

the Assistant to the chairman of Committee on human rights VS of Russia Svetlana Kurach has informed the correspondent that the delegation has checked on a place of numerous statements that on rented the Korean party lesozagotovitelnyh complexes breaks human rights.
According to members of delegation, the bilateral agreement about lesorazrabotkah does not correspond to variety of articles of the Russian legislation, including in the field of human rights. The delegation has established that in territory of timber cuttings North Korean special services not only watch order maintenance, but also are engaged operatively - in search activity, and it is direct infringement of the sovereignty of Russia. Without the sanction of the public prosecutor and judicial bodies North Korean citizens for perfect offences in the Russian territory contain in so-called internal prisons. Passports are withdrawn from all woodcutters, identification cards that limits a freedom of movement of the working are in exchange given out.
considering these and other infringements of human rights, the Committee on human rights VS of Russia recommended to terminate Russian - the Korean agreement about lesorazrabotkah in the Far East and to begin preparation new taking into account the found out circumstances.