Rus News Journal



the New party of jeans clothes of manufacture of American firm Agnelli has arrived in shop San Francisco in Moscow (Moscow, Komsomol avenue, d. 15, ph. 246 - 21 - 42). Extravagant flared jeans - unisex are presented by four new models. One of them - black chetyrehshovnye jeans on bolts - there are $59. Darkly - dark blue jeans with it is light - pink inserts have estimated already in $62, and ordinary blue - in $57. Experts especially mark kleshi for the $64 executed in style of hippie: they are wiped in many places to holes, and at the same time dazzle with effective patches. The female classical jeans of the blue colour which have been slightly made narrower from top to bottom, are offered for $47.
Firm Agnelli offers also youth jeans waistcoats of blue colour. Decorated with a fringe on projmam, they stand $55, and hardly easier, without a fringe - on $3 is cheaper.
Besides here it is possible to buy a set man`s, so-called costume the socks (USA) executed from a clap with lycra darkly - dark blue and black colours. There are they absolutely cheaply: the whole four steams - and all for $24. The complete set of multi-coloured female socks from twelve pairs will manage, it is possible to tell, absolutely it is for nothing - in $30.
Currency section Eskada La Mod (Moscow, Red square, d. 3, the GUM) offers today a collection of ladies` jackets (about two tens models) and raincoats. DM515 there is an original jacket from motley (darkly - green and red rectangles on a green background) to a fabric reminding under the invoice a thin paper: it is supplied by unprofitable and procarved pockets, the coquette on a back, the collar is fastened behind on a button. Type jackets a loose overall beige colour, without a fastener and with shalevym a collar, and also it is dark - brown on buttons, without a collar, stand on DM670.
Yellow and pink raincoats of a classical silhouette - average length, behind - on enough trivial coquette, and in front - with a secret fastener (DM475). Absolutely unpretentious raincoat of brown colour with a turn-down collar and on the coquette costs, however, DM339. The semisports model of a raincoat faintly - green colour is interesting: on kuliske, with a collar a rack and also unprofitable and procarved pockets (DM299).
Home appliances
the assortment of household electronics in shop " Has replenished; Rubicon (Moscow, street of the Pilot Grandmother`s, d. 26, ph. 186 - 53 - 01). Absolutely cheaply here it is possible to buy videoplayers Sharp, Funai and Electa - for $230 - $245. One of firm Rowenta latest models - the iron c a covering the titan plus it is possible to buy for $50; as much there is electric kettle Rowenta without a cord in volume of 2 l.
firm Sony electronics have delivered in shop NBM (Moscow, Chistoprudnyj - r, d. 2, ph. 923 - 83 - 38). Stereocomplexes for $1200 are completed by CD - a player, the two-cassette stereotape recorder, the digital receiver which is adjusted by an equalizer and a player for usual plates. One more stereocomplex (without a player polihlorvinilovyh disks), hardly smaller on target capacity and in the sizes, costs $685. CD - a player will manage here in $180, and amateur videocameras are offered for $1175. Besides, in new party are presented dvuhgolovochnye ($390) and chetyrehgolovochnye ($450, $510 and $890) videorecorders. $245 - the price of not writing videoplayer Sony.
TVs with the size of a kinescope 63 sm stand $730, and the stereophonic TV with the size of the screen 54 sm - $917. The Latest model is supplied by a teletext and a bilateral control panel. The supermarket offers also semiprofessional trehgolovochnuju to an audiodeck ($263) and the amplifier ($315). For $99 mono to get a usual radio tape recorder and for $175 - a radio tape recorder from CD - a player.
the Furniture house Erlan (Moscow, street Lake, d. 46, ph. 437 - 99 - 08) has received new party of inexpensive furniture of German manufacture. For a drawing room here it is possible to get a corner Akapulko consisting of an angular displayed sofa and one armchair ($1505). Convenient sets of upholstered furniture Adrija and Komo (on $1725) consist of three-local displayed sofas and two armchairs. All these sets are upholstered by velour with abstract drawing in soft pastel tones and have no visible rigid designs. Experts advise to pay attention to offered upholstered furniture to owners of small-sized apartments. Necessarily it is possible to add sets with the graceful coffee tables visually increasing space of a room: air glass table-tops on the gilt metal designs of intricate forms ($60 - $90).
Kitchen sets Tessin ($2386) and Verona ($2590) which here too can be bought, are equipped by an electric stove and an extract. Floor and wall cases, and also tables of which sets consist, are executed from DSP and revetted by a film under a tree.
Besides, Erlan offers one of last workings out of furniture for office. All necessary for a life and a food of employees of your office it is hidden in the unique kitchen case, executed from a tree of black colour and finished with a natural cherry. A sink with the sanitary equipment, the refrigerator, an electric stove, a dryer and an extract make these compact mini - kitchens. Depending on a complete set an electric equipment they stand from $2000 to $2500.