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Dynamics of a dollar exchange rate in regions remains rough

Also as well as in the first dates, prominent feature in the Russian exchange currency market all this week remained appreciable razbalansirovannost dynamics of currency quotations on various trading platforms. However despite periodic fluctuations of a dollar exchange rate at the auctions of the Moscow interbank currency stock exchange and non-simultaneous reaction to it of regional participants of the market, the disorder of exchange quotations nevertheless was a little reduced in comparison with corresponding indicators of the last week.
the difference between exchange quotations of cash dollar was even stronger this week in regions, and in Krasnodar the buying up course has confidently overcome a mark 2200 rbl./ $. However, it has been caused by tactical features of the local market, and long to dollar in this city at such level not to be kept.

Rupture between exchange quotations hardly was reduced
Unlike the first dates when destabilization of the exchange currency market was showed only after enough essential jump of a course at the Moscow auctions, throughout the past week razbalansirovannost dynamics of exchange quotations in the regional centres of currency trade remained and in the conditions of time stabilisation of the Moscow course indicators. In particular, on Tuesday against stabilisation of quotations at the Moscow auctions at level 2087 rbl./ $, dynamics of a dollar exchange rate on other regional trading platforms has accepted raznonapravlennyj character. The dollar exchange rate during the Petersburg auctions has started to approach with the Moscow indicators and was reduced to 1 point to a mark 2093 rbl./ $, and at the auctions of other stock exchanges of the quotation continued to raise confidently. However unlike the last week when rupture between exchange quotations has reached 20 points, this time reaction of regional participants of the market was more operative. For example, yesterday even against enough appreciable jump of a course in Moscow, the maximum difference between exchange quotations has made only 15 points.

the dollar exchange rate has flown for a short while, but is high
the Majority of the Russian banks this week continued to increase exchange quotations of the American currency. Thus in a number of cities the course again grew the rates considerably advancing a gain of non-cash dollar. This time it is the strongest within a week have changed the quotations the Petrozavodsk Tekobank which have increased them on 50/ of 150 points at buying up/ to sale, and Krasnodar Kubanbank where they have grown for the same time on 110/ 80 points. Thus, the course of buying up of dollar in Krasnodar has reached very high level - 2230 rbl./ $, however, under the certificate of experts of Kubanbanka, the majority of its clients prefers currency to get, on the contrary. It speaks that many banks of this city by a weekend began to have deficiency of cash currency. However receipt of wholesale parties of cash currency means in the Krasnodar banks and then, most likely, deficiency of the offer of dollars there will be liquidated in the near future is expected, and the overestimated course will fall downwards.
Nevertheless such sharp fluctuations of a course this week were faster an exception, than the general tendency. The most part of regional banks lifted the rate of exchange less fast rates - on the average on 30 - 40 points for a week. Still week growth of quotations on sale in Baltvneshtorgbanke (Kaliningrad) and Permkombanke (Perm) - 10 points, the Penza bank " was smaller; Tarhany has left a course invariable, and Sotsinvestbank (Ufa) even has lowered it on 22 points. Thus the exchange rate in Permkombanke was even more favourable to owners of traveller`s cheques American Express - 2110/ than 2150 roubles at buying up/ to sale of dollar and 1320/ 1370 rbl. at similar operations with mark.