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Currency dealing becomes accessible to average investors

Yesterday at once two Latvian firms competing among themselves - Ñapital Bank of Latvia and LauRUS Consent - declared intention to begin in Russia work on creation dilingovyh rooms, i.e. to granting of access to investors to conducting speculative operations on currency dealing (to game on courses of world currencies). And though, by some estimations, in Moscow today exists 8 dilingovyh rooms, operations on currency dealing are accessible to only large investors, capable to direct on operation with world currencies not less than $300 - 500 thousand Preparing for an exit on the Russian market the Latvian companies intend to lower this threshold of availability to retail clientele to $20 - 50 thousand

Currency dealing is one of the most fascinating directions of financial operations and consists in game on parallel dynamics of courses of world currencies. Presence of huge statistical numbers of dynamics of rates of exchange, and also formalizability of this speculative financial market have allowed financiers to use the most difficult mathematical apparatus for simplification of decision-making process in the world currency market. As a result dilingovye operations in the currency market became today one of the most difficult and computerised.
till now in Russia practically there were no the companies having possibility to conduct operation on currency dealing. Under data, on the beginning of the second half of the year 1994 in Moscow it has been equipped 8 dilingovyh rooms (i.e. system Reuter terminals are established, telecommunications of type Sprint are connected, traders are trained). Equip such rooms could to allow itself bank “ Capital “ Mosbusinessbank, the Moscow international bank, Tokobank and a number of other banks. Thus practically all of them used dilingovye rooms for conducting operations with own means or for service of the large entrusted clients, as a rule, limiting the minimum threshold sum of client means of $300 - 500 thousand (under some data, in bank “ Capital “ this threshold makes $100 thousand) . Thus, average investors, not to mention small, could not take part in operations with world currencies.
at the same time in many developed countries average and small investors have a direct exit on the market of world currencies, using in dilingovyh operations of the sum in the size only $20 - 50 thousand It is possible thanks to existence so-called is information - dilingovyh the centres. Last from the European countries the boom of development dilingovyh services was endured by Latvia where for last year some centres for retail investors have opened at once. Inspired with success in the homeland, Ñapital Bank of Latvia and LauRUS Consent have simultaneously decided to develop dilingovyj service in Russia. (Is more detailed about projects of these Latvian firms see in the inquiry.)