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Press - Alexander Rutsky`s conference

Eks - the vice-president begins presidential campaign

Having finished propaganda tour across Average Russia, Alexander Rutsky who has come back to Moscow has met yesterday foreign journalists in hotel Redisson - Slavic . Foreigners attentively listened to the story Rutsky about its child - sotsial - patriotic movement Power .

Concerning affairs past, eks - the vice-president has informed that on October, 3rd, 1993 he ordered to take the mayoralty without a use of weapons though and with use of physical force . Rutsky also has told that, under its data, evening of the same day in Ostankine true to the president Heroes in an emphasis have shot own companion. Tenacious memory Rutsky holds also events of absolutely old days: The vice-president has shared the memoirs executed insult on 1991 article published in November under the name the Siberian uproar of the military pilot .
Having passed from 1991 by 1995, Rutsky announced the constituent congress appointed to January sotsial - patriotic movement Power - it will pass under the slogan revival of the great-power state Russia in borders of the USSR . By working out of the new doctrine - a majestic socialism the great influence, apparently, on Rutsky was rendered by Zhirinovsky. Both the problem formulation, and the offered recipe of its realisation (it is necessary to close borders and then within a month they to us will ask), and the firm promise to give up as a bad job an ethnic question represent literal retelling of the program of the leader of LDPR.
However, in the Chechen question Rutsky has unexpectedly proved a real pigeon, having declared that any force in the Chechen Republic it is impossible to apply and solve a question can only citizens of the Chechen republic . At the same time Rutsky has forgiven to the colleague on the Air Forces to Dudaev old insults and recognised as its lawful president.
in the rest the vice-president was bilious. Has got not only to Yeltsin (that is natural), but also all other potential contenders in struggle for a presidential armchair: to majestic co-author Vladimir Zhirinovsky (for Yeltsin`s support 3 - on October, 4th and in a question on the Constitution), to Grigory Javlinsky ( the demagogue ) And all parliamentary opposition (have refused investigation of October events in exchange for its liberating, Rutsky, from prison). The Russian opposition Alexander Rutsky named buffoonery.
having cursed all contenders and allies, Rutsky has told about love of the kind people to it: it has just gone round nine regions of Russia, and everywhere its speeches met on hurrah, an applause and standing . Declarations of accession in Power have submitted, as confirms eks - the vice-president, 562 000 persons. it is impossible to stop me unless to eliminate physically - the military pilot has repeated favourite prislove.