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! The contract tehnopromeksport and Siemens

the dream of all generations energetikov Russia

last 10 years all over the world Is realised by the most perspective direction it is considered erection of power stations of new generation with combined parogazovym a cycle, having higher economic and ecological indicators. In Russia application of high technologies at building of power stations only begins. As an advancement example on the Russian market of the advanced equipment the prisoner between IN " can serve; tehnopromeksport and company Siemens the contract on delivery of gas turbines and systems of automation for state district power station building in Krasnodar which realisation has begun yesterday.

From - for irrational placings of power stations Krasnodar territory already long time tests a severe shortage in the electric power. And necessity of building here has ripened power stations for a long time. The contract on state district power station building in Krasnodar has been concluded between joint-stock company Kubanenergo and IN tehnopromeksport in coordination with the Russian Open Society EU of Russia . The project provides erection of three power units by capacity on 450 MVt. The prisoner in the end of July, 1994 the contract between IN " became the First step of realisation of this agreement; tehnopromeksport and company Siemens on deliveries of gas turbines and systems of automation of manufacture. The total cost of the contract - DM750 million state district power station is the second large-scale power object constructed in Russia with application of the western technology, allowing to reach EFFICIENCY more than 50 % (at the power stations erected on the Russian technology, EFFICIENCY of 35 %). Ecological indicators of under construction station also will considerably above srednerossijskih. Besides, experience on created before the joint enterprises with company Siemens on manufacture of gas turbines and systems of MANAGEMENT information system TP will help Russian energetikam to master new western technology, and in the near future to pass to independent manufacture of the advanced equipment. That, in turn, will give the chance to Russia to realise power projects taking into account the world standards.
on contract conditions all building - installation works and deliveries of other equipment carries out tehnopromeksport . It allows not only to reduce currency expenses, but also to give orders approximately to one thousand Russian enterprises, including large machine-building factories. The German party will put the equipment, and also the chief - supervision of its installation will carry out. As to financing it will be carried out stage by stage: Company Siemens intends to buy in Russia the goods and raw materials for the subsequent realisation in the West, and at the expense of the obtained means to carry out delivery of the equipment and to carry out the part of the contract. Performance of the contract and simultaneously building of all object should be finished in five years.
the contract is the first part of the project on state district power station building. In the near future the company for attraction and accumulation of financial assets for maintenance of works by other part of the project will be created.