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Thermal power station works in July

thermal power station of Russia are summed up is guided by export

last years most stably working branch toplivno - a power complex and, obviously, all Russian industry is gas. According to the head of the Russian Open Society Gazprom Rema Vyahirev, insignificant falling gazodobychi is caused exclusively by a lack of solvent demand from consumers to Russia and the CIS. It confirm and results of work of branch published here for seven months. At extraction decrease only on 2 % in comparison with the same period of last year the majority of the specified consumers have received gas on the average on 15 % less. Thus on 4,1 % export of gaz and, under available data has grown, has increased zakachka gas in storehouses. Affairs in oil branch is much worse are, however following the results of July it is possible to ascertain some improvement of a situation: The leading companies though lag behind indicators of last year, have exceeded for the first time planned targets of month. Orientation to export here is more notable, than in gas branch: at extraction falling almost on 14 % oil export has increased by 13 %.