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New project Dun and Bradstreet to Russia

Moody ` s will enter into Russia from east porch

Recently interest of representatives of large western business to suburbs of the Russian market is swept more and more up. The new certificate of it was the announcement yesterday in Vladivostok about the work beginning on preparation of information directory Moody ` s from a series Who is who in the Russian business . It will be the first information product Moody ` s about Russian business into which will enter over 300 companies of the Far East.

Company Moody ` s Investors Service Inc. (USA), entering into information concern Dun and Bradstreet, from beginning HH century lets out thematic rating collections of the primary commercial information on the companies of the USA and the Western Europe. In them the address and the short biography of the company, the basic economic indicators and last at the moment of the publication balance contain. Exists about 25 kinds of collections Moody ` s, including 100 largest banks of the USA 300 largest shipping companies of the world information collections about a securities market. In the USA information placing in directories Moody ` s costs from $500 to $3 thousand depending on volume.

for today in Russia two representations D both B and Moody ` s - in Moscow and in Samara operate. In Vladivostok representation functions while has incurred investitsionno - the consulting company the Income . According to one of co-owners the Income Vladimir Zdorovenina, the contract on preparation of the experimental collection on the Far East companies is concluded directly between its company and head representation Moody ` s in New York. The contract does not carry a commercial orientation: under the decision of the American side placing of the information for the Russian businessmen will be free. Experts The income as free of charge accept the information and adapt it for the American standards. The payment is raised only for a translation service and makes $15 for an information package. In the first the Russian collection 300 Far East companies which will be divided on lines of activity will get, and not volume of profit and an annual turnover, and rates of increase of the company becomes the basic criterion. Submit documents for participation in rating Moody ` s any company having history not less of two years can. Reception and information processing is carried out till September, 1st, and the collection will leave in the press on September, 15th.
by words g - on Zdorovenina, Moody ` s also intend to begin distribution in the Russian Far East other collections on terms of subscription. Actions Moody ` s in the Far East are the beginning of campaign for demand formation in region with high business activity.