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The monetary market: results of day

Quotations of state credit obligations of separate releases have reached a limit

Yesterday in the Russian monetary market it has appeared rich on events. Under the influence of growth of an official rate of dollar and the gold world price it is sharp, almost on 4 million rbl., the course " has increased; gold the certificate of the Ministry of Finance. Quotations of the state short-term bonds of last releases on sostojashchemsja the next secondary auction of state credit obligations have grown yesterday also. Besides, actively passed yesterday the exchange auctions by tools of the monetary market: at the Moscow central stock exchange 4 options for purchase of bonds of joint-stock company " have been sold; Komineft and at the Ekaterinburg stock exchange brokers had been realised the bank bill the White tower .
Yesterday has brought a lot of pleasure to owners gold certificates of the Ministry of Finance. On Tuesday the Bank of England declared new fixing of the price trojskoj ounces of gold which has appeared almost on $2 above, than a day before it, and the dollar official rate at the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange auctions has increased on 22 points. Thus, on Wednesday the Ministry of Finance has sharply lifted a sale course gold the certificate which has made 240,421 million rbl. the Award established at sale of the certificate, the Curious situation was equal 3 159 600 rbl.
has developed in the market of the state short-term bonds. A course of state credit obligations old releases has closely come nearer to face value, therefore at yesterday`s secondary auction dealers did not go a bull any more their course cost. Moreover, the course of three-monthly state credit obligations 11 and 12 - go releases has fallen yesterday to 0,05 and 0,1 percentage point accordingly. At the same time, quotations of three-monthly bonds of the last, 13 - go release and six-monthly state credit obligations of 2 and 3 series have grown. The most considerable sales volume of state bonds has had yesterday on the auctions by three-monthly state credit obligations of last series - 32,623 mlrd rbl.
At the Moscow central stock exchange 4 options for purchase of bonds of joint-stock company " yesterday have been sold; Komineft . The volume of each of these transactions exceeded 2 million rbl., and all by sale of derivative securities 2500 bonds have been realised.
at the Ekaterinburg stock exchange brokers have sold the bill of local bank the White Tower . The income under the three-monthly bill with face value of 50 million rbl. makes 160 % annual.